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Description: This logo designed for a an athletic shoe company hopefully competing with the some of the big dogs. This work is one of my most proudest concepts.The "D" represents the sections of a racetrack . The mark also has the shape of a human head with the hair flowing. The mark is strong and memorable. Hope you all see what I see as well.Custom type.

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LOGOMOTIVE said on Jul. 24 '08

Thanks Jon, BTW I Love your work so much.

sandhya said on Jul. 24 '08

Bold. Strong. Progressive and memorable!

Muamer said on Jul. 24 '08

I see what you see... and I like it. ;-) This is really nice!

bartodell said on Jul. 24 '08

Been waiting for this one to get one here for months now buddy! Love it!

tishbite said on Jul. 24 '08

I can see how nice this would look on the side of a shoe. Very nice !!

AlexWende said on Jul. 25 '08

Very cool Logomotive as always! :D

firebrand said on Jul. 25 '08

Nice one, Mike. Always great to see something new from you.

brandsimplicity said on Jul. 25 '08

Very strong mark Logomotive.I want that shoe:)

fogra said on Jul. 25 '08

The big dogs should be very worried.

daleharris said on Jul. 25 '08

Great work

LOGOMOTIVE said on Jul. 25 '08

Thanks everyone, really glad to see you all like it as much as I and my clients did. Always nice to have the right logo chosen.

nido said on Jul. 25 '08

not only does this compete with the big dogs... it belongs with them!

willuper said on Jul. 25 '08

awesome. the mark has some nice movement.

yurko said on Jul. 26 '08

just good )

peterotoole said on Jul. 26 '08

I actually didn't see a head or a race track in this but a wing instead which is equally important. I love the way the small serifs are styles to compliment the symbol. Just beautiful. Very strong!

Art Machine said on Jul. 26 '08

Okay, I'll be the grinch here, I think its nice but stylistically I see this close to Adidas. The type also seems just a little too low or its too close to the symbol. Anyway I understand your description well and it still is high quality work as always holmes. I'm curious if there's a coloured version?

logomotive said on Jul. 26 '08

Thanks Julian, there's always going to be controversy over the more simplistic designs, especially in the same industry. The lines convey a different purpose, are horizontal,have rounded shape and form 3 meanings or more depending on how you see it. Everyone has an opinion. I back my work 100% an was not inspired whatsoever by any other works. I did my background studies. Now the PTO will make that decision. Hopefully I'll open a new pair of sneakers with this mark on it Christmas day and you can be the grinch who did NOT steal Christmas, LOL!!

logomotive said on Jul. 26 '08

Be the Grinch who did NOT steal Christmas, LOL!! it cut me off.

Art Machine said on Jul. 26 '08

I appreciate your response Mike.

gthobbs said on Jul. 26 '08

I see the adidas parallel but it's unique still IMO. Very nice feel.

dache said on Jul. 27 '08

Nice work. I wish you all the best to have your creation on your Christmas present :^)

logomotive said on Jul. 27 '08

thanks glen and dache.

roy.sdesign said on Jul. 28 '08

I dig it! and wish u good luck. nice job!

cobaltcow said on Jul. 28 '08

i'd say this is close to the best I've seen of your work.
the simplest are always the hardest.


bornzen said on Jul. 29 '08

Brilliant idea and execution!

logomotive said on Jul. 29 '08

Cheers and thanks!!!

topfuel said on Jul. 03 '09

Most exsellent (sic)...VSOP

gpxl said on Dec. 26 '09

strong, I love it ... the mark can be also a shape of a wing "the winged sandal of mercury"

logomotive said on Feb. 22 '10

Thanks topfuel and gpxl.

lumo said on May. 05 '10

I could see this one on shoes! Great job!

!mude said on Apr. 07 '11

This is so well executed mike. So simple but so much character. Did the company ever take off?

logomotive said on Apr. 09 '11

Thanks James.
Dennis, I wish, one of those ten year projects I guess. Client wanted me to do like 10 Pantone combos for shoes etc. I have not heard from since.

!mude said on Apr. 10 '11

Hmm, what a shame. Would have been nice to slip in to a pair of those wouldn't it :)

logomotive said on Aug. 06 '14

This project really disappointed me, I was excited to get a new pair of sneakers.

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