Duck Fart

by OcularInk • Uploaded: Jul. 08 '08
Gallerized Mar. '14 921818df24cbd94844bfb3fda17857f7.png

Description: Smells good.

OcularInk VS Smartinup (check the logopong forum)

*edited : Thanks cobalt.

Status: Just for fun

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: graphicdesigntypographytypemark

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smartinup said on Jul. 08 '08

nice. looks like he blew his ass out man.

SpiffyJ said on Jul. 08 '08


nido said on Jul. 08 '08


cobaltcow said on Jul. 08 '08

even though the rules noted no greyscale - 1 colour only I think you get my vote

OcularInk said on Jul. 08 '08

Great angle, huh?! The concept could use a revisit though. Thanks for the votes, guys. And thanks for the heads up, cobalt. It slipped my mind.

cobaltcow said on Jul. 08 '08

i like it better in the black anyway

errede said on Aug. 04 '08

What about a duck over the water and next to it, in the backward, bubbles in the water

penflare said on Aug. 11 '08

lol heck ya, hilarious angle rather than what errede said..

chng! said on Sep. 20 '08

this logo is Fun, beautifull and it works lol three thumbs up

OcularInk said on Sep. 21 '08

LOL!! Thanks guys. I still can't believe this is getting attention. :-P Cheers!

jennyb said on Oct. 16 '08

I seriously had to laugh@ this one...what a great concept!
Is there really a cologne called "duck fart"?
Wow...too funny...

Great job

OcularInk said on Oct. 22 '08

Haha, no this was just for fun while playing some logopong with fellow Logopond members. Thanks though!

jennyb said on Oct. 23 '08

;) Ok, and yw

logotivity said on Nov. 05 '08


alterego said on Mar. 26 '10

:) :) funny and solid

OcularInk said on Mar. 26 '10

Wow, is this one still getting comments?!? Thanks friends, glad this one made y'all laugh.

rivalstudent said on Mar. 26 '10

hilarious! nice work

lumo said on Jun. 09 '10

This one made me lol!

OcularInk said on Sep. 15 '10

Travis, Justin, James and snd, thanks guys. Glad this made you all chuckle.

Mikeymike said on Mar. 21 '14

perfect, Kevin. That quacks me up.

woelve said on Mar. 21 '14

WOW, I thought it already was in the gallery... so now it finally is! Well deserved! :-) (I'm writing this after eating few tortillas for a dinner)

ru_ferret said on Mar. 21 '14

haha, haven't seen it Kevin. Iconic mark :)

borinagge said on Mar. 22 '14

This one always cracks me up!

mrpond said on Mar. 25 '14

Haha. When I clicked on this I though ti was for real!

cobaltcow said on Mar. 26 '14

haha good memories Kevin. Glad to see it getting the recognition it deserves :)

This was my version

ocularink said on Mar. 27 '14

Haha, of all my logos, this is the last one I'd ever expect to be featured. Gotta love the pond. This definitely brings back so many great memories. I love all you guys. Cheers!

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