Rocket Dog

by Graeme • Uploaded: Jul. 07 '08
Gallerized Jul. '08 2282bdf369d66d500e49d7bdaecfa225.png

Description: The new rocket dog. Its a chihuahua and he's going really fast, so he needs his goggles. He likes the wind. Most dogs do.

As seen on: www.gjack.ca

Status: Nothing set

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: speedfastdoggytypographyred

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bartodell said on Jul. 07 '08


hellouriah said on Jul. 08 '08

Awesome! The reflection / shadow isn't needed IMO.

james said on Jul. 08 '08

yeah very nice but lose the reflection. good work.

firebrand said on Jul. 09 '08

Very well done!

jguay said on Jul. 10 '08

Cute. His back legs look a bit awkward to me since the front legs seem well spaced.

okke said on Jul. 10 '08

Very nice, clean and funny logo!

Though I agree with jguay, the back legs seem a little bit strange. But I only noticed it after looking at it for a while, first impression was great.

OcularInk said on Jul. 10 '08

Great concept and very nicely done. Good job!

kriecheque said on Jul. 10 '08

i like the concept, but the goggles look awkward to me. THey don't really sit right on his head and the perspective seems to be different then that of the dog

lawrence anderson said on Jul. 10 '08

The goggles should be moved a little over to the right. Great concept though.

bpotstra said on Jul. 10 '08

Nice placement of the 'TM'

daleharris said on Jul. 10 '08

I am such a fan of this logo. Brilliant!

saawan said on Jul. 10 '08

Are those Paris Hilton's goggles that her pet's wearing? :D
I like this logo.

mr2creative said on Jul. 11 '08

A dog wearing sunnies is always cool. Well executed. Looks like the dog is sitting behind the blast of a rocket... good one.

steem said on Jul. 11 '08

cute little bastard :) nice concept

borinagge said on Jul. 11 '08

On your marks%u2026get ready%u2026get set%u2026GO!

Such a Great Logo

penflare said on Jul. 11 '08

great logo.. perfect in one color, amazing in color, very memorable, i've got one word for you: perfection.

junian said on Jul. 11 '08

I would have to agree with kriecheque about the goggles. They seem to be placed wrong. The perspective is slightly off.

hindmarshdesign said on Jul. 14 '08

Arrg this is so balanced/clean/flowing/moving/structured. You're awesome.

replete said on Jul. 18 '08

Hmm .. I wonder if this company was before or after: http://www.rocketdog.co.uk/

Nice logo btw:)

rick! said on Aug. 19 '08

i like that, very nice logo

pravin john said on Jul. 23 '09

brilliant concept...nice

James Ewin Designs said on Oct. 02 '10

haha, great!

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