Carbon Training

by burocratik • Uploaded: Jun. 13 '08

Description: The identity for the Series of Focus-Abengoa Forums to be held in the future was developed with the aim of achieving the most versatile and abstract brand possible, and one that is both symbolic and relevant. The topics for discussion at the Focus-Abengoa demanded an identity that functions as a metaphor for sustainable growth and reflect environmental concerns at the same time. The solution is a memorable organic shape that represents a flourishing tree, centered on fundamental human cooperation and Interaction as a whole, so that the planet can endure and prosper with the natural resources available.

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Tags: FutureStrategyEconomicsEcologyInteraction

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fogra said on Jun. 13 '08

Interesting mark. I think that it could have been developed a bit more and combined with type, although it is on the web site.

diguno said on Jun. 14 '08

I agree with clashmore... the top-most person seems to be flying of the logo, almost as if being thrown by the other two.

diguno said on Jun. 14 '08

That should be "flying out of the logo"

nettogirl said on Jun. 30 '08

I would work on the curve from the top person joining up so to speak with the perimiter of the bottom left person. I laughed when reading diguno's comment, in that it does look like the bottom two people are throwing the top person :)

It's interesting though and got my attention.

THEArtistT said on Sep. 26 '08

I didn't see the throwing aspect. I got right away people, growth, tree, etc. I wouldn't change a thing.

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