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Description: Eurodin is a young fast-developing innovative IT-company specializing in the development and implementation of Internet-solutions for business organization.

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gthobbs said on Jun. 02 '08

By far my fave of the options. Not 100% on placement and scale but I love the mark.

fogra said on Jun. 02 '08

I'm also in agreement.

OcularInk said on Jun. 03 '08

Best one for sure. I love the type and the mark. Kudos!

firebrand said on Jun. 03 '08

Yeah, this is definitely the strongest solution. Great mark.

gorz said on Jun. 08 '08

thnx guys

danr said on Jun. 10 '08

I also agree that this is the best one. It is the most fluid and just works the best.

mr2creative said on Jun. 11 '08

A great logo for a large corporate company. Has all the right elements... clean, excellent typography, memorable and innovative icon. To be really picky, the gap between the logotype and icon could be reduced a tad but what do I know? Top job!

brentchristensen said on Jun. 12 '08

very nice. good work! do you mind if i ask what font you used?

gorz said on Jun. 13 '08

thnx guys!
As for font I used NeTech font

gorz said on Jun. 13 '08

thnx guys!
As for font I used NeoTech font

Type08 said on Jul. 24 '08

This is one of the best logos on this site! But can it work in black&white (positive)? Try to fax the memo with this logo...

neogrey said on Jul. 27 '08

who uses fax today....anyway :) great logo - love it.

tkhoury said on Oct. 24 '08

very nice mark

mabu said on Apr. 21 '09

The mark is so hot, gorz.

gorz said on Apr. 21 '09

thx mabu ;)

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