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Description: Logo designed for food safety organisation to illustrate food traceability - 'Farm to Fork'. Yes indeed another cow you might say :)

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firebrand said on May. 29 '08

Nice, original approach Sean. Poor little calf.

fogra said on May. 29 '08

Cheers Roy. Anyone for veal?

Muamer said on May. 30 '08

Nice one Fogra, like the typo treatment here...but, at first sight this mark reminds me on old wooden comb...look here: http://www.woodlandtreasures.co.uk/combs.htm

fogra said on May. 30 '08

Cheers Maumer. Wow, the mark really does look like those combs.

nido said on May. 30 '08

this is forking great!

OcularInk said on May. 30 '08

This is great, dude. At first I didn't see the cow, but now that I know it's there, I can't miss it. Have you tried taking out a little white space for the left ear? I imagine this will be in the gallery soon. It's a very clever and memorable design. Nice job.

fogra said on May. 30 '08

You're right, Kevin about the ear and I will definitely try that, thanks.

cazador89 said on Oct. 13 '08

This is a copy of the logo of Gandia Blasco:


OcularInk said on Oct. 13 '08

A "copy"? I don't think so. Similar ideas, but definitely not a "copy".

firebrand said on Oct. 13 '08


fogra said on Oct. 13 '08

Haha. That's mad. No, I didn't copy. I just happened to do a similar concept. End of.
Thanks guys for your support.

cazador89 said on Oct. 13 '08

Come already!!
It is more than an inspiration. Work with concepts realized by another person it seems to me to be painful.

gthobbs said on Oct. 13 '08

Not even close to being a conflict.

firebrand said on Oct. 13 '08

@cazador: What is your beef? This text treatment has been done before, granted. The icon is not even remotely similar.

fogra said on Oct. 13 '08

@cazador: If I caused you pain, then I'm truly sorry. Again, as already mentioned, the type treatment is the only similarity.
@Tonfue: You have a great way with words - I bet you write songs and stuff :D

fogra said on Oct. 13 '08

"Twas a crazy old man called O'Keef
Who caused local farmers much grief
To their cows he would run
Cut their legs off for fun
And say "Look, I've invented ground beef!"

fogra said on Oct. 13 '08

Cool, I had a friend once :)

nataliav said on Oct. 13 '08

the concept is great, but it took me a couple of minutes to see the cow :(

toja said on Nov. 07 '08

where is this ..... cow! hmm my gestalt probably don't let me see it but I like it much anyway.

raja said on Feb. 19 '11

cazador is a vegetarian

brandsimplicity said on Feb. 19 '11

I'll be forked...this is cool!

Pierro said on Feb. 19 '11

Like the idea!

LadyGrey said on Feb. 20 '11

Nice solution!

JF said on Feb. 20 '11

Agree -- need to make more white space cut-out to see the other ear. Didn't see a calf/cow until I read comments, sorry to say. Lovely concept, though. Type arrangement you have here is one of my favorite styles.

JF said on Feb. 20 '11

P.S.: Looks like Kanye West would be someone who'd love to wear this logo on his hat...type style here, heh heh: http://cdn.buzznet.com/media/jj1/2011/02/kanye-hudgens/vanessa-hudgens-jeremy-scott-show-kanye-west-01.jpg

lumavine said on Feb. 20 '11

I saw a rooster on the left and a rabbit on the right as I tried to see farm related imagery. Great concept, but I think the calf nose and ears can be tweaked. I kind of expect the ears to stick out sideways more. Great idea and very good execution!

hamidos said on Feb. 20 '11

nice can we play with other color as well

alterego said on Feb. 20 '11

great solution and interesting layout as well :)

fogra said on Feb. 21 '11

Thanks. Wasn't expecting to see this one in the gallery. I agree that it needs more refinement but it was one of those logos that had to done in a hurry and was created about 10 years ago too.

Mikeymike said on Feb. 21 '11

nice to see this in the gallery, Sean. I actually saw the calf first. So it works for me, nicely.

fogra said on Feb. 21 '11

Thanks Mike. Really appreciated.

javiermichalczik said on Mar. 25 '11

a cow ?a lion:)

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