Electric Elephant

by MadsKatholm • Uploaded: May. 16 '08
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Status: For sale

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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OcularInk said on May. 16 '08

Very interesting. Is the bottom portion of the elephant suppose to resemble a piano?

gthobbs said on May. 16 '08

Or is does it represent electrical connections (like on chips etc)?

Beklad said on May. 16 '08

I would display only 2 feet
also I would make the feet heavier as the nose
this way you also have 3 stripes at the bottom just like a turned E

Darrel said on May. 16 '08

I really like this. I was going to comment on how it maybe needs to look more like an elephant, but then realized that, indeed, it is likely supposed to resemble a circuit/chip so I think it's well balanced as-is. Nice one!

matador said on May. 16 '08

Haha, this is great.

Good job.

OcularInk said on May. 16 '08

Oh, a circuit/chip. Makes much more sense. Nice job.

koodoz said on May. 16 '08


fogra said on May. 17 '08

Looks more like an aardvark than an elephant.

firebrand said on May. 17 '08

I wasn't sure about this at first but it's growing on me. The negative space creating the ear is a nice touch. Not sure about the legs though.

davidairey said on May. 17 '08

I like it because it's different.

mister jones said on May. 18 '08

love it

Puffmoike said on May. 19 '08

Stands out like elephants' balls. Love it.

grubedoo said on May. 19 '08

Love it. Favorited.

logotivity said on May. 19 '08

The elephants eye does it all for me... I wish I had an elephant for a pet, that I kept at the circus..

bai said on May. 26 '08

This is simple, this is great.

pashenko said on Jun. 07 '08


hindmarshdesign said on Aug. 10 '08

Wow! favourite.

emil hartvig said on Aug. 11 '08

Best logo i have seen so far on the pond.... Beautiful

illusio said on Sep. 21 '08

Subtle elements make this work well. Nice example of design restraint.

ru_ferret said on Feb. 19 '11

Very interesting idea! Faved.

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