by Fogra • Uploaded: Apr. 24 '08
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Description: maybe I like bugs...

Status: Just for fun

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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OcularInk said on Apr. 24 '08

Nice. Bugs give most people the creeps though. Even so, this is stylish. :-)

lonergan said on Apr. 24 '08

i like, not sure on the shadow though

OcularInk said on Apr. 24 '08

Yea, I agree, the shadow is off. Fogra, have you tried starting the shadow from the bugs legs?

grubedoo said on Apr. 24 '08

I like it.

The shadow on the mantis doesn't add anything and there seems to be a lack of hierarchy between the lettermark and icon. One or the other needs to be dominant. Just my thoughts.

fogra said on Apr. 24 '08

Sorry. I didn't realise how much it was bugging you all ;p

alto said on Apr. 24 '08

I don't mean to be a pest, :) but the shadow needs to go or be changed as suggested above.

firebrand said on Apr. 24 '08

Yeah the shadow is praying on my mind too.

gthobbs said on Apr. 24 '08

Corn is my angel.

Mesa Designs said on Apr. 25 '08

Great illustration, and the text is perfect. Nice work :)

firebrand said on Apr. 27 '08

@gthobbs: Is that a line from A Bug's Life?

fogra said on Apr. 27 '08

@Firebrand: I was too afraid to ask myself :)

firebrand said on Apr. 27 '08

Why would you want to ask yourself?

fogra said on Apr. 27 '08

No. I was too afraid to ask gthobbs. Was that a literal question, Roy? If it wasn't, then I'm sorry :)

firebrand said on Apr. 27 '08

Jesting mate ;)

fogra said on Apr. 27 '08

That's okay - I usually walk into those ones.

gthobbs said on Apr. 27 '08

No, it was a completely random line. I had just watched Dan In Real Life. Steve Correll delivered this line during dinner to much the same confusion. Pardon my lack of continuity :-)

dazonic said on Apr. 29 '08

I'm sure I've seen that image before... is it a trace? The one I've got in mind was a wallpaper, white background. Maybe from stock.xchng? mandolux?

benjancewicz said on Apr. 30 '08

I like this. The shadow looks funny, though. Maybe a blur on the edge?

BreadMilkandButter said on May. 01 '08

This looks great. I would loose the shadow though.

dromecin said on May. 05 '08

You should take a look of this, and maybe reconsider your carer as a graphic designer, copy is not an option



dromecin said on May. 05 '08

I forgot, the vectorization is not good, i know maybe you take this image from www.sxc.hu (as i do) but i tried to vectorize it in a better way

fogra said on May. 06 '08

@dromecin: Before you started accusing me of copying your work you should get your facts right beforehand. I was never aware of your logo, even though I did do research before I uploaded it and I do apologise for any upset caused. Oh and I'm quite happy to continue with my career as I'm sure that you are also :)

smartinup said on May. 06 '08

gthobbs: i just watched that, and laughed hard when i read your comment.

ing.matt said on May. 21 '08

The shadow looked great when this image was a thumbnail, but when I clicked on it and saw the enlarged version, it was kind of off-putting. Nice job, though.

illusio said on Sep. 21 '08

Squish that shadow and the wordmark vertically, then you're done.

Type08 said on Apr. 18 '09

Nice execution, Sean! It's alive! :)

tass said on Apr. 26 '09


designabot said on May. 22 '09

only just viewed this one! nice work

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