Navigator Home Repair

by LoGoBoom • Uploaded: Apr. 21 '08
Gallerized Apr. '08 31cf53e2b07ab10472130e378adf5a6e.png

Description: Stars for navigation. Mountains for the Rockies.

Status: Nothing set

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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thursdy said on Apr. 22 '08

Your idea's and illustrations are strong here, and the concept makes sense. I think that you should play around with a different color scheme, and maybe change the type. In my opinion, it's just not screaming "Home Repair."

Also, maybe you only need the main star in the middle instead of all 3 to represent nav.?

Anyways, just an opinion, nice job overall!

firebrand said on Apr. 22 '08

@thursdy: One star could make it look like a nativity scene.

gthobbs said on Apr. 22 '08

Thanks guys.

@fire: Jesus was a carpenter.....

mokenke said on Apr. 22 '08

I find it quite original for home repair and it doesn't have to scream "Home Repair" to me. I'd still make the type a bit less delicate. Nice work.

vc said on Apr. 23 '08

OcularInk said on Apr. 23 '08

Nice find, vc.

gthobbs said on Apr. 23 '08

@vc: Wow, that is spooky close. Even the mountain angles are almost identical. Makes me wonder whether I lifted them or they lifted me.

OcularInk said on Apr. 23 '08

Some of the designer's other work looks suspicious too.

vc said on Apr. 23 '08

Well, gthobbs, you can be flattered that your mark was so good it got ripped in less than a week. Seriously though, I like it.

vld said on Apr. 23 '08

willsherwood said on Apr. 23 '08

Very nicely done.

gthobbs said on Apr. 23 '08

Much appreciated Climax.

gthobbs said on Apr. 23 '08

Oh and thank vc for bringing year_ago_today's "work" to our attention.

Art Machine said on Apr. 24 '08

Good work Glenn.
David, thank for your effort.

Muamer said on Apr. 24 '08

@Climax: Rispect! and do you read this found: http://logopond.com/gallery/detail/22213

hmm... ???

@Gthobbs: Nice work man!

grubedoo said on Apr. 24 '08

Nice, non-traditional take on this logo. Although I wouldn't immediately associate home repair with the style of this logo if it stood alone, logos usually appear in a context so no worries. It's great.

Props to Climax for taking care of his logopond peeps.

wolv said on Apr. 26 '08

99designs doesn't want to deal with "derivative" works. they can only act if the logo is the exact copy of another logo, so derivative works are okay for them i suppose. you ask 99designs for confirmation of "derivative" works if you don't believe.

gthobbs said on Apr. 26 '08

Well year_ago_today pulled it from his submittals. So thanks again to Climax and vc.

wolv said on Apr. 27 '08

the "novilabs" or i should say samate is still there!

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