by Gabber • Uploaded: Mar. 25 '08
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Description: Logo for a small origami shop that sell books and different kind of papers.

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Commenting: Not seeking critique

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smartinup said on Mar. 25 '08

great typeface. what is it?

lifesaverservant said on Mar. 25 '08

I would love to see it as an actual folded item as the logo (3d). Does the fish mean anything?

gabber said on Mar. 25 '08

smartinup: the typeface is neutra from houseind foundry

lifesaverservant: ealier on tried with that kind of concept, but i think its was bit too much, i like the cleanliness of that font, and the fish... she didnt want the classic origami, a swan or a crane i think? basically it could be anything but i wanted to stay simple

Could be fun trying with different shape tho

Thomas said on Mar. 26 '08

Very nice logo! Love the feeling, even if the fish looks sad to me...

gthobbs said on Mar. 26 '08

I think the fish looks content. Very nice logo grouper...er gabber. The kerning could still use a little tweaking. Looking good.

sticks said on Apr. 25 '08

nice work, great logo

shaq said on Apr. 25 '08

Oooo. That's looking great already. Nice choice of type. Didn't really see the fish at first. Maybe a little folding at the tail to look like '>' instead?

thursdy said on Apr. 25 '08

Love the colors, and that typeface is a great fit. Nice job.

gabber said on Apr. 26 '08

Thanks for the comments everyone,
Its the final version, and she really liked it!

huyendesigner said on May. 10 '08

oh ! congratulations on your job ! this logo is very nice !

huyendesigner said on May. 10 '08

oh ! congratulations on your job !

huyendesigner said on May. 10 '08

congratulations on your job !

tass said on Apr. 29 '09

i really love what u did with that shape!
congratulations it went beautiful.

Copywriting Nottingham said on Jul. 09 '11

Such a great and innovative way of making a fish. Great colours and design!

hadiriazi said on Jan. 21 '12

Please provide me with your email address.

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