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by Siah-Design • Uploaded: Mar. 20 '08
Gallerized Jul. '08 a95db3fd201e216eeb9a52ca1ce844f3.png

Description: Icon used for For Action Now Network. They bring people who want to volunteer their time or donate money to organizations that are part of a cause to make the world a better place. (updated 3x)

Copyright Josiah Jost and Siah Design © 2009

Status: Client work

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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KGB said on Mar. 20 '08

needs some type

jjjost said on Mar. 20 '08

@KGB, yeah, it needs the type. The only reason I was hesitant to include it is because I wasn't crazy with the type the client opted for.

gthobbs said on Mar. 20 '08

Agree with you. Strong mark....iffy type. Love the mark.

KGB said on Mar. 20 '08

word. that type is whack.

nido said on Mar. 20 '08

damn it thats a great mark!... yeah, bit of advice if you dont mind.. when your uploading it, upload it looking its best, not necessarily with what the client went for (if anyone comes across what the client settled with you can always say 'sheesh.. pesky clients & there meddling ways!.. humph!)... you have to remember that this is YOUR showcase people/potential clients are looking at.. your abilities... not the clients!. So go & get that type that hit this one out the field!.. again.. awesome mark!

jjjost said on Mar. 20 '08

Thanks guys! I guess Clashmore and nido are right. I don't have to put up what the client went with! :)

Updated the type to what I thought was more appropriate. Think it fits?

keb said on Mar. 20 '08

I thinks it's too close to AT&T.

gthobbs said on Mar. 20 '08

All those hands are reaching to slap you keb.

jjjost said on Mar. 20 '08

Awww.... C'mon keb, AT&T is quite different. Lighten up. ;)

Thanks gthobbs. :)

nido said on Mar. 20 '08

@gthobbs: LMFAO!

OcularInk said on Mar. 20 '08

HAHA!! Good stuff. I see what you're getting at, keb. But seriously, this is very different from the AT&T logo.

Hayes Image said on Mar. 20 '08

I'm with the rest; in comparison to AT&T, there are more differences than similarities...Great logo jjost!!

alto said on Mar. 21 '08

...and I own the rights to hands, fingers and toes, so pay up now! Great mark!

Muamer said on Mar. 21 '08

Nice mark jjjost... typo need more work

jjjost said on Mar. 21 '08

LOL! @relevent, Yeah, I watched that CNN report. Apparently they were also going sue Apple for for using a circular scroll wheel.

firebrand said on Mar. 21 '08

Nice idea, jjjost. I'd take another look at the font though, that one's a bit to wavy ;)

firebrand said on Mar. 21 '08

Sorry, I meant too wavy.

jjjost said on Mar. 21 '08

@firebrand. Thanks, I think I agree. Updated type.

borinagge said on Jul. 24 '08

Pretty Cool Mark, I like the color scheme....A

omixam said on Jul. 30 '08

ohhhhhhhh love it!

danny said on Jul. 30 '08

Nice,very nice :)

jjjost said on Jul. 30 '08

Thanks guys!

martart said on Jul. 30 '08

Give the world a big hug...
Very nice logo.

BUNKER STUDIOS said on Jul. 31 '08

good one :) nice sense of movement. only the type needs a little change, probably more visual impact but in the general meaning, I like the logo, congratz :)

huyendesigner said on Jul. 31 '08

excellent ! love it !

gorz said on Jul. 31 '08

Very nice colors!
But I see some troubles hands bottom of circle, no? what do u think?

Overall great mark!!!

Naekie said on Aug. 04 '08

They've got the whole world in their hands....Nice!!

ackuit said on Aug. 05 '08

yeah well, lets sue AT&T for encroaching on our creative rights; that's artistic trespassing, but that aside you've got a nice logo here mate. Creative use of colors and it all makes sense.

Type, type, type....

I long for the day when clients would just nod at every thing we tell them, ask if they're paying us well enough, and just smile at our first creative drafts.

jjjost said on Aug. 05 '08

Thanks for all the comments people!

@ackuit: I totally know what you mean bro.

BTW, this logo won logo of the day at "logofromdreams.com":http://logofromdreams.com

muhanadhachem said on Aug. 19 '08

Love it, one of my favorites ....

Najlepiej said on Aug. 22 '08


empirefx said on Aug. 28 '08

really cool idea :)

sugarshortcake said on Feb. 08 '09

love the logo graphic

raja said on Sep. 03 '09

really diggin the mark

Michigan Web said on Dec. 27 '09

Graphic is very cool.

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