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Description: Personal identity.

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: logo design

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gthobbs said on Mar. 05 '08

Yeah there is some similarity. Too close?

logotivity said on Mar. 05 '08

what does it look like without the nose?

gthobbs said on Mar. 05 '08

Probably a noseless face. I dunno actually, I'll find out.

abeall said on Apr. 28 '08

I love this, because if someone had described this logo to me I would have laughed and been unable to imagine halfway as cool as you've come up with! I like the type, too.

gthobbs said on Apr. 28 '08

Thanks abeall.

I'm still playing around with the type but I do like the bold GO to sell the double meaning of a logo boom and to go boom! I'm not 100% on the font yet though. But as always, designing for myself is way down on the priority list of to dos.

rick! said on Apr. 04 '09

I love youre logo is very funny hehe

logoboom said on Apr. 05 '09

Thanks rick!

hitbyreindeer said on Aug. 08 '09

hello, you have a very nice showcase.

also i was wondering how do you manage to change your user name?, iv'e noticed you appear as both gthobbs and logoboom, and I was curious how you could do that :p

anyways, cool logo! :) cheers!

logoboom said on Aug. 14 '09

Thank you hit. I had to have the site administrator change my user name.

logoboom said on Sep. 25 '09

Hello fellow Logoponders. I am honored to join the ranks of others you might recognize from our adventures here on the Pond with an interview at:


Give us a read!

fogra said on Sep. 25 '09

Congrats Glen. A very interesting read and it looks like your daughter might be following in her father's footsteps ;)

OcularInk said on Sep. 25 '09

For crying out loud, what's it going to take to get Glen's showcase featured on the Pond? Does anyone else ever wonder why he hasn't been featured yet? Blows my mind! Great read, Glen. Thanks for letting us get in your head for sec.

lundeja said on Sep. 25 '09

"My mom used to ask me how I could keep coming up with new ideas. I explained that every client has a unique need. It%u2019s like a math. You never run out of answers because every problem has it%u2019s own solution. But then again, not so rigid as math because with design, every problem can have a million solutions. I just have to find one of them that works."

I found this excerpt to be particularly intelligent, but also enjoyed the interview as a whole. Very honest answers - no smoke and mirrors like you'll find with a lot of those more "God's gift to design"-types of whom I won't name... for now :)

!mude said on Sep. 25 '09

Yeah, very interesting reading. Nice to get inside a logo designers head - and yours seem to be an interesting one. Congrats - and a vote from me too :)

j-CAZ said on Sep. 25 '09

Thank you Glen. That was very inspirational. I still can't get over your daughter's design, the imagination of kids amaze me.

dbunk said on Sep. 25 '09

The story of your daughter is so cool. reminder to look at things with a child's mind

javaap said on Sep. 25 '09

Really cool read Glen, man your so down to earth, i loved your answer to what makes a good logo designer, so true!! that's something i miss from school, in the real designers world egos run a muck. ps. i don't think you need votes to get showcased its just a matter of time :)

logoboom said on Sep. 25 '09

I didn't think anybody would actually go read it!
Thank you guys for the great responses.

logoboom said on Sep. 25 '09

P.S. @ Oc...that's a dangerous place to be. Get out quick!

logomotive said on Sep. 25 '09

OF Course Glen, we all love you :)

raja said on Sep. 25 '09

watch the power I have around here!




raja said on Sep. 25 '09

incase my lil outcry goes nowhere, good luck with everything and its nice to see you blowing up my friend

Type08 said on Sep. 25 '09

Dude, you're scaring us! :)

raja said on Sep. 25 '09

yeah..I can see how that could be scary bbbbbut he's the one with the bomb :|

logoboom said on Sep. 25 '09

AND a short fuse! Thank you for the fanatical support raja.

muse7 said on Sep. 25 '09

Glen its just a matter of time my friend! and you are dabomb! Your daughter is amazing and I absolutely enjoyed your interview. You are down to earth and mega talented but you are modest, kind and generous with your time. Logo pond wouldn't be the same without you IMO! FEATURE LOGOBOOM!

dbunk said on Sep. 25 '09

thumbs up!

logoboom said on Sep. 25 '09

Wow, I didn't expect to hear so many nice things said about me until I was dead. And even then...it's iffy.

Thanks Ashley and dbunk!

nido said on Sep. 26 '09

guys!... deploy the hitman first!!!... OK... who forgot?.. who?

logoboom said on Sep. 26 '09

LOL nido...so that's what that tiny red light is.

xmadenyux said on Dec. 22 '09

love the movement sensation in this one ;)

logoboom said on Dec. 22 '09

Thank you Madelein.

JoePrince said on Apr. 01 '10

Congrats on the feature Glen...well deserved to say the least. Keep it up bud.

Type08 said on Apr. 01 '10

Yeah, one of the most versatile designers on the Pond! Don't let this spoil you Glen, keep them coming! :) Gratz mate!

vld said on Apr. 01 '10

Congrats Glen! I thought you've featured before... At least once... :)

oronoz ® said on Apr. 01 '10

I really admire you work mate!! Congrats on the feature!!

nitish.b said on Apr. 01 '10

g8 work buddy...keep inspiring people...:)

sdijock said on Apr. 01 '10

Glad to see they've featured your work. Congrats Glen!

ethereal said on Apr. 01 '10

Congrats, Glen, well deserved, buddy!

logomotive said on Apr. 01 '10

Glen, good to see you featured,well deserved.

nido said on Apr. 01 '10

...wait till he finds out its an April Fools prank :s


OcularInk said on Apr. 01 '10

Right on, dude!

m1sternoname said on Apr. 01 '10

Congrats Glen!

pierro said on Apr. 01 '10

Glen, congratulate, I hope you march in succeed.

smartinup said on Apr. 01 '10

congrats man!

logoboom said on Apr. 01 '10

Thanks to everyone for the nice comments! Except nido ;) Actually, I didn't even know I was featured until nido emailed me. So I thought I'd better hop on and enjoy my 15 minutes. It's an honor to be considered with other's of such great talent. Much appreciation to my logo pond compadres and to David for both the feature and for letting us all swim in his pond.

nido said on Apr. 01 '10

quick David... now change it!

logoboom said on Apr. 01 '10

Not until April Fool's day is over at midnight Mountain Standard Time.

mcdseven said on Apr. 01 '10

^ congrats on the showcase.

mcdseven said on Apr. 01 '10

^ meant to say feature!

logoboom said on Apr. 01 '10

Thanks mcD.

firebrand said on Apr. 01 '10

Stone me, David strung that one out. Congrats ;)

logoboom said on Apr. 01 '10

Thanks Roy! We'll stone you later.

Hayes Image said on Apr. 01 '10

Congrats Glen, well deserved!! :)

gary said on Apr. 01 '10

congrat! your works rock!

alterego said on Apr. 01 '10


dado said on Apr. 01 '10

Congrats friend! :D

logoboom said on Apr. 01 '10

Thanks Hayes, gary, alter, David and Dado! It's an honor.

lundeja said on Apr. 01 '10

Congrats, Glen. I actually thought you had been featured already, so I guess you could say this is well-deserved :)

epsilon said on Apr. 01 '10

Better late than never :-)

logoboom said on Apr. 01 '10

Thank you Jared / Alex!

eziemac said on Apr. 02 '10

Congrats Glen, well deserved :)

logoboom said on Apr. 02 '10

Gracias EZ.

OcularInk said on Apr. 02 '10

Wow, you're the last one to be featured. I wonder what's in store?

Chad Sanderson said on Apr. 02 '10

Yay Glen! I'm kind of excited about whatever is coming up next.

Gafyn said on Apr. 02 '10

Congrats on the feature Glen!

firebrand said on Apr. 02 '10

I'm sure David won't use it for advertising space. Maybe a featured project in the Behance style?

logoboom said on Apr. 02 '10

I think it's just going to be a big picture of me.

itsgareth said on Apr. 02 '10

^ LOL! Congrats again Glen.

andreiu said on Apr. 02 '10

congrats for the feature, mate!

logoboom said on Apr. 02 '10

@ gareth / andreiu: Thank you!

logoboom said on Apr. 02 '10

Well thank you Anthony, anthony, anthony. I sincerely appreciate that.

wizemark said on Apr. 06 '10

Congrats, Glen.

logoboom said on Apr. 06 '10

Word wize.

Rokac said on Apr. 06 '10

Congrats on the feature mr.Glen! Well deserved.

mrizzle1991 said on Apr. 06 '10

excellent work, how do you change the background color on illustator cs4 and can a gradient be used as background color also.

javaap said on Apr. 06 '10

Kudos Mr. Boom!, how do you make a ...... oh never mind :)

logoboom said on Apr. 06 '10

Thanks rokac and javaap! And @mrizzle: you should probably do a tutorial.

myway999 said on Apr. 07 '10

@mrizzle1991: whaaaaa?

cerise said on Apr. 07 '10

congrats on the feature

logoboom said on Apr. 07 '10

Thank you cerise!

Art Machine said on Apr. 07 '10

Congratulations mate!

zephyr said on Apr. 07 '10

Congrats Glen! Very well deserved!

logoholik said on Apr. 09 '10

Congrats Glen! Well deserved man! I also thought you were there long time ago! Cheers!

logoboom said on Apr. 09 '10

Thanks guys.
@ bojan: I guess it's a high compliment that a lot of folks assumed I was already featured. I'll take it that way anyway ;-)

Agencija said on Apr. 13 '10

I like it! Little bit inverse of LG logo!

logoboom said on Apr. 13 '10

Thanks Agencija.

AlexWende said on Apr. 16 '10

better late than never, Congratulations!!

logoboom said on Apr. 17 '10

I'm always late to the party. Thanks Alex!

nrcreative said on Apr. 30 '10

Haha! Was the inspiration for this logo "Speedee", McDonald's first mascot? ;)

logoboom said on Apr. 30 '10

Yep. I make logos and burgers with mystery meat ;-)

youstartedit said on Jul. 25 '10

Hi Logoboom, you commented on my 'explogo' logo indicating it was a similar idea.

Based on this, I'm just trying to get in touch to ask if you would be interested in buying the domain name www.explogo.com?

I'm not a domain trader it's just that I've accumulated almost 20 over the last year from 'flash in the pan' ideas that I've had and I just don't need them. If you're not interested do you know of any easy ways to sell domain names?

I'm not trying to get rich, i've just seen the light (with the help of my wife)!

Cheers. (p.s., sorry if this is counted as spamming - please feel free to delete if it is... just couldn't see a way to PM?)

logoboom said on Jul. 26 '10

Hey no problem youstart....I think I'm good on the url front. It is a cool name though. Good luck!

youstartedit said on Jul. 27 '10

Thanks logoboom!

simon™ said on May. 02 '11

I'm digging your identity, buddy. Really explosive.

logoboom said on May. 11 '11

Thanks simon. I'm glad it's not a bomb...wait...

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jeremyphilip said on Jul. 14 '16

funny and cute

logoboom said on Jul. 15 '16

Thank you fellas.

teresarusso said on Nov. 03 '16


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