El Dorado

by LoGoBoom • Uploaded: Mar. 04 '08
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Description: Corp logo. They wanted a stylized "ED".

Status: Nothing set

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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fogra said on Mar. 05 '08

...and they got it! Well done :-)

meex said on Mar. 05 '08

very nice. i like the color scheme

anotheralex said on Mar. 05 '08

great! like the "e"

helsic said on Mar. 14 '08

I totally love it!!

logoman said on Mar. 23 '08

very good

dache said on Mar. 24 '08

They wanted 'ED' yet this is 'ed'; arguably even 'ea'.

TernaciousT said on Mar. 24 '08

Looks fine to me. I see 'ed' not 'ea'.

firebrand said on Mar. 24 '08

@Logoman: 'very good'.
Then why did you sink it?

Andy Boy said on Mar. 24 '08

...looks like they also got an ambigram. Very cool.

dache said on Mar. 24 '08

Based on exactly what are you assuming client satisfaction?
For any special reason you have changed your smiley face to the one I use ? :^)

raja said on Mar. 24 '08

CD - I never met someone with more patience than you

raja said on Mar. 24 '08

this dude thinks that's his smiley face -

dache said on Mar. 24 '08

Get over it.

raja said on Mar. 24 '08

over what?

gthobbs said on Mar. 24 '08

I will clarify...the client wanted and a logo design featuring the first letter of each of the words in their company name...viz. "ED" or "ed". I went crazy and gave them an "eD". I mixed the cases as I often do with my metaphores.


OcularInk said on Mar. 24 '08


Naekie said on Mar. 25 '08


fogra said on Mar. 25 '08


gthobbs said on Mar. 27 '08

Well...if it's on one of MY logo pages...I for one am all for a love fest.

morvarid said on Feb. 03 '09

they better love it ;)

LoGoBoom said on Feb. 03 '09

You tell 'em morvarid. Thanks.

liamaria said on Jun. 21 '09

May I ask what kind of corporation is it?Let me re-phrase that... what do they do?

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