by ulahts • Uploaded: Feb. 19 '08
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Description: Logo design.

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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orlio said on Feb. 19 '08

I like this alot! An idea could be to make the type smaller and the beautiful symbol larger

pickalogo said on Feb. 19 '08

simply love the colibri!

smartinup said on Feb. 19 '08

nice image, the word spiffy to me is too thick for the mark. but very nice job

leighton_hubbell said on Feb. 19 '08

Beautiful mark.

SpiffyJ said on Feb. 19 '08

I had to comment on this, due to the fact it has my name in it! :)
I like the mark, seems like the logo is broken up into three elements though. I see the bird, spiffy and sparrow as separate things. It could be a little more unified by picking different typefaces that work better together, and like orlio said, the mark might be too small in relation to the type; you could probably adjust the placement of the mark to the words too. I think you can take it to the next level with a few tweaks. But, very nice regardless.

gthobbs said on Feb. 19 '08

Am I the only one that has a problem that the SPARROW looks like a HUMMINGBIRD? I can't get past that even though it's shaping up to be a nice execution.

Muamer said on Feb. 19 '08

Hey Ulahts how are you maaan !?!? Nice to see you around here :)) Nice gallery too!

Muamer said on Feb. 19 '08

This colibri is cool, nice work... But I think you dont need that shadow.

See you man & long live the OLP! :)

steve-oc said on Feb. 19 '08

Beautiful bird, but is that a sparrow? The proportions are wrong for that bird. As has been said, make the bird bigger, lose the shadow and lighten the type and it will be perfect.

ulahts said on Feb. 20 '08

Haha, thanks fellows. The client wanted a clear separation between Spiffy and Sparrow and the symbol above. I tried many variations on the typeface but this one was in his mind since the beginning. So, voila, another satisfied client.

kaimere said on Jul. 06 '08

nice work ... way cool definetly one of my fave designers !

gthobbs said on Jul. 06 '08

I still call hummingbird.

CKeil said on Jul. 06 '08

Awesome mark.

cerise said on Jul. 06 '08

Very Spiffy

muhanadhachem said on Jul. 06 '08

WAW, i love it.......

rongen said on Jul. 08 '08

The font is too heavy for me. It couldn't fly ;)
But since the client loves it, Congrats for a nice logo solution.

nouveau said on Jul. 08 '08

@ clashmore, yeah, I saw it in a contest on a design site a while back. Nice mark though.

cobaltcow said on Jul. 09 '08

Hey Ulahts! Good to see another former W1k logo designer over here.

Always love you work mate!

me = hotchiproll

huyendesigner said on Jul. 13 '08

yep, i think the shadow is not necessary and the symbol is large, good design !

graeme said on Jul. 13 '08

Great work. Love the colour. Illustration is strong. Thank you for sharing.

ubikdesign said on Jul. 14 '08

liking the bird illustration and colour scheme, just feel that the type needs to be slightly lighter, to stay in proportion with the flight of the bird. Good job though!

DAdesign said on Oct. 02 '08

I have to agree with many of the commenters here in that the bird looks like a hummingbird - I think more because of the pose and the tail. Sparrows don't hover like that. Also, the shadow is distracting and the weight of the Spiffy would work better a little lighter (slightly, not much).
However, I disagree with those that say that the mark should be larger. I think that it may, actually, be a little too large.
I can't imagine what kind of company this would be for. How would the logo work in one color, or will it always be printed in 4 color? The gradients would not read well in small scale either.
Overall, I like it a lot. Very striking.

baburav said on Sep. 24 '09

realy nica job

haiwasnm said on Oct. 06 '09

Is the ideal design%uFF0Cgreat work

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