PriQuest 3

by OcularInk • Uploaded: Feb. 07 '08
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Description: An old concept developed for PriQuest. They are a dentist group. After discussing with the client, it was determined that they wanted more emphasis on the word 'Quest'. For that reason, 'Quest' is bold and the logo mark reveals a hidden 'Q'. This project has come to a halt, but will hopefully pick up soon.

Status: Unused proposal

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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drewboy said on Feb. 07 '08

It's a good logo Kevin, the hidden Q is a nice touch. The only issue I have is that it's pretty 'spiky' and aggressive for a dentist! If they are happy with it, fair enough - but I would be looking for something softer ...

OcularInk said on Feb. 07 '08

Hey Andrew, I think you make a good point. One thing to note though, this company acts as a mentor ship to other new dentists needing a place to start their practice. The company gives these new dentists the chance to learn from the best and to have an opportunity to start their own practice. It's a very intense program. The client requested a sort of nautical theme, so this was just one option. Thanks again!!

Hayes Image said on Feb. 07 '08

I get it... 'Quest' it's a compass, because the young dentists need to 'find their direction' :)

OcularInk said on Feb. 07 '08

Spot on, Hayes. :-D

drewboy said on Feb. 07 '08

Ok, I see where it's coming from. The spikes just gave me the creeps - in fact, I don't think that going to the dentist is as bad as it used to be; the last time I went it was all ultrasound & lasers & gadgets like that. Didn't hurt a bit!! Unlike the gas & the pliers in the late 1970's ....

ahab said on Feb. 07 '08

This is very nice, Oc. I think you hit the brief successfully.

OcularInk said on Feb. 07 '08

@ drewboy : Haha, I hear ya, man. Fortunately it is a lot less painful these days. Gotta love technology!!

@ ahab : Thanks!! :-)

Respiro said on Feb. 14 '08

Having your explanation, I think that you visualised the concept successfully.

gstaltig said on Feb. 14 '08

I like the sense of depth you create so easely.
Without reading the explanation, it reminded me of those WWII anti-submarine bombs (as in finding nemo)

raja said on Feb. 14 '08

very nice bro

a_lanevski said on Feb. 14 '08

spiky :) ... nice one

OcularInk said on Feb. 15 '08

@ Respiro: Thanks!! :-)

@ gstaltig: Interesting perspective. Thanks!!

@ raja: Thanks, bro!!

@ a_lanevski: Hehe. Thanks!!

mebs said on Feb. 15 '08

Very cool. I thought the same as gstaltig, that it was an old anti-sub bomb.
I really like the hidden Q. I wonder if I would've seen it without the explanation? I should start looking at the logos really well first, then reading the explanations, ha.

OcularInk said on Sep. 14 '08

Hey guys, a fellow friend stumbled upon this: http://www.studentscrossingboundaries.com/

The designer's website is: http://kamarinlee.com/

Do I contact the designer or the website owner? How should I handle this one? Thanks!!

logomotive said on Sep. 14 '08

I agree OC, sorry AGAIN ;-(

smartinup said on Sep. 14 '08

f*ck that. we all want to be ripped off. yeah, it stings, but then its filled with self confidence. ;)

gthobbs said on Sep. 15 '08

As his project initials were SCB, he could have at least taken the Q out.

gthobbs said on Sep. 15 '08

P.S. You can find his user name here (I saw this logo on his site):


Hayes Image said on Sep. 15 '08

atrocious copy...clown can't even trace, give 'em hell!!

TILECREATIVE said on Sep. 15 '08

That rip-off is ridiculous!!!! Ocular i would be pretty pissed, the fact that he isn't even smart enough to spot the "Q" in the brand, as pointed out by gthobbs, just says it all.

OcularInk said on Sep. 15 '08

@ Relevant : Great advice, Jon. I was thinking I should contact both, but just needed another opinion. Thanks!!

@ Logomotive : All good, Mike. It happens, ya know. Just been happening way too much lately.

@ smartinup : People must love me. :-P P.S. What is your name?! I always forget it!!

@ gthobbs : Was thinking the exact same thing, Glen. That freakin' idiot!!

@Hayes : Will do, Josh!! LOL!!

@ TILECREATIVE : Trust me, Lee. I'm annoyed!! Can't get mad though, some people just won't ever get it. Welcome to the world. :-D

nowonly said on Nov. 01 '09

simple, clear and creative. Great job

OcularInk said on Nov. 04 '09

Thanks a bunch!

rajsekhar said on Sep. 06 '10

Nice logo bro!!

can you check this link,its a contest on crowdspring.com and a designer won a ripped copy of this logo.

designer portfolio: http://www.crowdspring.com/user/rezevOne/

contest link: http://www.crowdspring.com/project/2287479_compass-auctions-real-estate/entry/2851637_compass/

And If you didn't see any thing ,i upload a screenshot of winning design.

Screenshot : http://img443.imageshack.us/f/compassk.png/

OcularInk said on Sep. 10 '10

Thanks, Raj. I contacted crowdspring and this should be resolved now. Cheers!

wizemark said on Sep. 10 '10

They should remove a whole site.

Chad Sanderson said on Sep. 10 '10

The world needs more people like raj.

JoePrince said on Sep. 10 '10

^For president of The Hacked-Designs Spotted Awareness Organization? Boy would that make for an interesting url...he's got my vote :)

JoePrince said on Sep. 10 '10

Oh btw Kev, this is very nice.

OcularInk said on Sep. 10 '10

Yes they should, Srdjan, yes they should. :-) Chad, I couldn't agree with you more. Haha, Joe, The HDSAO. He's got my vote too. P.S. Thanks for the kind remark.

logotivity said on Sep. 10 '10

yea, pretty ridiculous..

quoted from crowdspring
"We just wanted to let you know that we've issued a cS award to user "BRI8" for their great work - congrats, BRI8!"

I'll never visit crowdspring again..

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