by • Uploaded: Feb. 06 '08

Description: Tex mex restaurant

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Boycanfly said on Feb. 06 '08

I like, but maybe ditch the white lines within the chili? Looks like a filter from illustrator or photoshop.

Love the font, Home made?

nice job-keep it up, i love mexican food.

thelaw said on Feb. 06 '08

The chili pepper is looking a little too realistic. You gotta think about people seeing this from the street on a sign. The simpler the shape and/or color, the more recognizable it is. The undulations of this pepper say to me that you picked one up from the store to draw and this is just how this particular pepper had formed but its not necessarily indicative of what people visualize when they think of a pepper. Simplify the color too, the shadows seem to be posterized into three or four shades of red with some weird white outlines on them. I'd pair it down to two shades of red at the most with maybe a white "reflection" highlight. Also, reduce the size of it by about 50% so that its not overpowering the type.

Otherwise, I like what you did with the type, its nice enough that you almost don't need the pepper actually.

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