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by firebrand • Uploaded: Feb. 03 '08
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Description: A product for a publisher and distributor of 3D model collections for the entertainment industry. The client was inspired by vaulted ceilings and archways as their repository building has some of these features.

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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itsgareth said on Feb. 03 '08

nice looks kind of religious

OcularInk said on Feb. 03 '08

The depth you achieved with the mark is excellent!! Really cool, Roy.

logomotive said on Feb. 03 '08

This one hands down, I like them both but this one is perfect. Great choice of type.

firebrand said on Feb. 04 '08

Thanks fellas :)

chanpion said on Feb. 04 '08

The play on the 'A' is fantastic! Wonderful stuff Roy.

nido said on Feb. 04 '08

yes... agreed... wonderful!

firebrand said on Feb. 04 '08

Thanks people, the client went for this one.

OcularInk said on Feb. 04 '08

YAY! Love it when that happens.

firebrand said on Feb. 04 '08

Cheers bud!

firebrand said on Feb. 04 '08

Funny you should say that Clash, I was thinking of that guy wheeling the ark into the vaults at the end of the film, when I was designing it.

drewboy said on Feb. 04 '08

Very nice - I like the orange/brown colour a lot.

design_uk said on Feb. 05 '08

this is nice!

ahab said on Feb. 05 '08

You are done, dude! Great!

firebrand said on Feb. 05 '08

Thanks guys, I appreciate it.

sailendra said on Jun. 27 '08

Nice logo Firbrand. I like the way it draws you in.

gthobbs said on Jun. 27 '08

Too complex? How the heck is this too complex. It's brilliantly simple.

I missed this. Love it! Question the differing thickness of the front vault and the other lines coming off of it. But that might be best. Love this!

miss godbout said on Jun. 27 '08

beautiful and classic

davidoff said on Jun. 28 '08

Very beautiful and spiritual design

hharrison said on Jun. 29 '08

Epic... Definitely has a spiritual theme. Nicely done.

TECHNEO said on Jul. 02 '08

well done.

ali.tasnimi said on Jul. 06 '08

it's full of thinking

firebrand said on Jul. 06 '08

Cheers fellas.

@gt: I might have a look at that, thanks.

huyendesigner said on Jul. 13 '08

love this logo, good job !

gthobbs said on Jul. 14 '08

Saw this today in a trade pub. Looks good.

firebrand said on Jul. 15 '08

@gt:Can you send me a copy?...kidding.

sebastiany said on Oct. 02 '08

adding as a favorite

firebrand said on Nov. 26 '08

Thought this might be worth a look. Couldn't get it to stream on my humble connection. :)


Muamer said on Nov. 26 '08

Roy, this is really cool > Nice to see logo in action :)))

logomotive said on Nov. 26 '08

worked for me and very cool to see.

cerise said on Nov. 26 '08

Yet another one of your logos that I favoured and then about 5 months later floated.

logomotive said on Nov. 26 '08

Yep! Roy is the boy, I mean man! better yet grandpa.

firebrand said on Nov. 27 '08

Haha, Mike ;) Thanks for taking a look, guys.

Art Machine said on Nov. 27 '08

Having seen the presentation on their website I now like this even more. Very nice Royboy, ehm...grandpa.

firebrand said on Nov. 27 '08

Thanks you young whippersnapper ;)

cseven said on Apr. 30 '09

This is so beautifully balanced. What a great logo. Floated!

ru_ferret said on Feb. 19 '10

perfect, like it a lot.

jerron said on Jun. 10 '10

Very very good.

firebrand said on Jul. 15 '10

Cheers Chris, Nikita and Jerron.

tass said on Jul. 15 '10

Cool perspective, yet a bit scary :)) Very nice integration of the letter A into the construction.

milou said on Jul. 15 '10


firebrand said on Jul. 15 '10

Could look a bit creepy I guess. :o

JoePrince said on Jul. 15 '10

^I don't think creepy or scary ever crossed my mind, just a really nice design Roy.

firebrand said on Jul. 15 '10

Thanks Joe.

josephblalock said on Feb. 12 '11

Nice solution

firebrand said on Feb. 13 '11

Thanks Joseph

ghanyleo said on Jan. 02 '13

this is Wooooww, Faved :D

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