Autumn Tone Records

by thelaw • Uploaded: Jan. 29 '08
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Description: Logo option for small record label based out of L.A. Selected for LogoLounge 4

*Updated* - type alterations per comments

Status: Nothing set

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: swash capitalsitalicssignaturerecord labelseasonal

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naekie said on Jan. 29 '08

Beautiful! Nicely done, love it!

ramsak said on Jan. 29 '08

I like it. Something different (you didn't use colourful leaves to say "autumn"), but very nice. Well done!

KGB said on Jan. 29 '08

nice, but the type for Autumn Tone needs refined. The A both Ts and the E are awkward.

leighton_hubbell said on Jan. 29 '08

It has a nice nostalgic feel to it with the swash type. I don't think they're awkward, just not seen too much any more. I like the illustration, too.

thelaw said on Jan. 29 '08

Thanks for the comments. As far as the idea goes, I certainly was trying to be more subtle with mark than just blatantly using a tree or a leaf (which is what the client wanted) and thought that the antique "Woody" car told more of an abstract story or, at the very least, let people infer their own meaning from it which is cool when you have an opportunity to do it.

The type is actually a face called Fleischmann, I think it works pretty well but I do think the lowercase t in Autumn looks a little wonky now that you mentioned it KGB. May need to adjust that.

cpignatelli said on Jan. 29 '08

Love this! Hope the client picked it.

ahab said on Jan. 29 '08

Nice tone and feel.

tdf said on Jan. 29 '08

This one caught my eye. Nice Car!

dariux said on Jan. 29 '08

Good concept!! Great car art, colors and fonts is really great!!

Respiro said on Jan. 30 '08

Great work. As KGB said, the type would worth fine tuning.

itsgareth said on Jan. 30 '08

Who owns the photo from which the mark was drawn?

OcularInk said on Jan. 30 '08

Nice approach. It looks great.

logomotive said on Jan. 30 '08

I like the feel of this logo but my concern here is.... have you ever looked at a record label? Most Cd's are reproduced at VERY small sizes with a little white mark for the Identity . This looks much too illustrated for a record label IMO. While it is very nice I'm just thinking down the road. Good work though.

thelaw said on Jan. 30 '08

Actually, didn't really have a problem with the reduction on other materials, like say the spine of a CD case. The overall shape of the car was recognizable at small sizes. Unfortunately, the client wanted to go another direction so it was a moot point.

thelaw said on Jan. 31 '08

Went in last night and altered the lowercase "t" in Autumn and altered the swash on the last "e" to be more reminiscent of the swash on the uppercase A. I think the type looks more harmonious now. Thanks again for the comments everybody, it was helpful.

Jeff Fisher LogoMotives said on Feb. 03 '08

Really a beautiful image

wurdz said on Feb. 12 '08

Nice, however who goes on Autumn vacations?

lifesaverservant said on Mar. 18 '08

Great! I go on Autumn vacations!

THEArtistT said on Sep. 12 '08

A winner in my book.

tass said on May. 08 '09

nice retro feeling

Himynameisjess said on Mar. 17 '10

is that car a vector...?

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