Cream - Final, Final

by tdf • Uploaded: Jan. 01 '08
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Description: After approving the original logo (http://logopond.com/gallery/detail/18723), the client had a change of heart and asked for a more dimensional treatment. This is the result.

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: dimensional3dproductiontoprise

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rfrusso said on Jan. 02 '08

That's great! I mean the original was, too ... but I think I like this one better. Good job, even if you were tired of the whole thing and not excited about revisiting it.

OcularInk said on Jan. 02 '08

Yea, I'm diggin this. I hope they paid you more. ;-)

tdf said on Jan. 02 '08

Thanks, guys!
I wasn't excited about having to revise it at first, but I'm pleased with the way it turned out - The client is happy and I got paid more, so everybody wins! They were mainly concerned with the way it would animate on television....

admarcbart said on Jan. 02 '08

This is awesome TDF. Nice. I like it more than the other final. LOL. Good work.

OcularInk said on Jan. 02 '08

Ah, and you had great clients. Cheers to all!!

smartinup said on Jan. 02 '08

this is killer, great job!

Lady_Jaws said on Jan. 02 '08

i like this one... it's just creamy

ryantoyota said on Jan. 02 '08

I love it. Even better than the original. This turned out fantastic. Feels much more creamy.

logomotive said on Jan. 02 '08

great logo and excellent execution.

shorecreative said on Jan. 03 '08

Just when I thought it could not get any better, you come up with this! Well done!

Brandsimplicity said on Jan. 03 '08

Man this Rocks!!

drewboy said on Jan. 03 '08

This is much better than the 'other' final version - brilliant. Simple & effective.

djuice said on Jan. 03 '08

Amazing! Will they have the animated logo on their website or just on screen

tdf said on Jan. 07 '08

Thanks everyone!
djuice: The animated logo will be on the site (www.creamproductions.ca) which we're in the process of re-designing. I'll post here when it's up!

dna_05 said on Jan. 07 '08


contrabrand said on Jan. 15 '08

i really like this..remindes me of fight club :)

wilsonink said on Jan. 28 '08

the best of your gallery! :D nice execution of the 3Dish look.

jjjost said on Jan. 28 '08

Wow, I love this.....

Oronoz ® said on Jan. 28 '08

Amazing!!! Great job

calsagu said on Feb. 08 '08

It's great....

Muamer said on Feb. 08 '08

I like it, nice work...

lifesaverservant said on Mar. 18 '08

I dig this one fo sho!!! It "feels" right. Anyway great job!

chavi said on Jun. 22 '08

Awesome work dude, i like it a lot, i love how it's only 1 color, but still very dinamic and dimensional, ftw

tdf said on Jun. 24 '08

Just found out this logo has won an ADCC award!

Muamer said on Jun. 25 '08

Congratulation TDF! :)))

Ronald Surya said on Sep. 03 '08

Well done!

defmedia said on Oct. 03 '08

I looked at this and just imagined it animating. Delicious.

ndmgfx said on Oct. 19 '08

i wana eat it, or drink it... very nice and the animation it very nice too

sean23uk said on Jun. 04 '09

i love this

tass said on Jun. 16 '09

This is one of the lovely logos i've seen. Congrats!

dbunk said on Aug. 02 '09

Creamy layer ! :)

firebrand said on Aug. 31 '09

I saw your Cream Productions logo on TV last night. Woohoo!

JF said on Aug. 31 '09

This is fabulous.

tdf said on Aug. 31 '09

That's awesome, Firebrand! They did a great job animating it.

michaelspitz said on Aug. 31 '09


epsilon said on Mar. 04 '10

This is incredible.

NTNRML said on Nov. 23 '11

Cash Rules Everything Around Me? Great work!

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