by thollig • Uploaded: Dec. 29 '07

Description: Logo i did for a marketing company for realtors

Status: Nothing set

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: housemarketingreal estaterealtors

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smartinup said on Dec. 29 '07

perfect and simple execution!

kaimere said on Dec. 30 '07

hmmmmm .... not to be the grinch .... but the Shelter logo .... which is also for charity ....

OcularInk said on Dec. 30 '07

Looks like a direct copy. Kudos to you, though, if you came up on this idea all by yourself. However, you might want to consider a new direction.

thollig said on Dec. 30 '07

Thanks for your comments, but I must admit that I had never seen the Shelter logo before... but honestly, i doubt that those two logos are the only two logos around where the "h" has been modified to resemble a house.

datasky said on Dec. 31 '07


kaimere said on Dec. 31 '07

I agree with you althou having to admit never ever seeing it until Shelter did it a year or so back, big charity with a huge media awareness and campaign around it (possibly only in the UK) but good luck just alerting you to the presence

voigtlander said on Dec. 31 '07

How about placing the chimney in the middle on the (left side) of the roof. Making it a better looking house and might still work as an 'h' i think.

thollig said on Dec. 31 '07

Datasky: thanks :)
Kaimere: Shelter has probably limited itīs campaign to the uk. Iīve never seen it before, but this Inhouse logo is about one year old as well. It would be interesting to see which one came first.. :)
Voigtlander: I think the chimney is to tall, if itīs placed in the middle, nice idea though, but the height of the "h" has to match the dot over the "i"... but I might try it for future rebranding possibilities. thanks.

alto said on Dec. 31 '07

Thollig, I'm sure creative minds think alike, but it is an exact duplicate of "inhaus ": not to mention the same name with just different spelling.

master krepta said on Dec. 31 '07

I remember using a similar style of design in a poster i created for a company that helps find housing for individuals coming out of prison/rehab. Its a simple solution that is very effective.

OcularInk said on Dec. 31 '07

Yea, but where is the distinctness? A brand needs to be unique to be effective.

ignari said on Dec. 31 '07

I think the idea is good, but it just doesn't work with that type face.
All letters are rounded, and on the other hand the house shape is very stiff.
Maybe you should try it with another type, that is less rounded and more recangular.


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