Rock Fuel

by kattttor • Uploaded: Dec. 15 '07
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Description: This is for a up and coming rock band called Rock Fuel.

You can listen to their music at

As seen on: Rock Fuel

Status: Client work

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: rock musicmusiccooldirtyband

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logomotive said on Dec. 15 '07

I love the mark. I see you reached a final? Guitar pick fuel pump, very clever nice work.

kattttor said on Dec. 15 '07

Thanks, yep this is the final version. Made some minor changes, redid the star and the dust/dirt. Played a little with the text but didn't come up with anything that looked better then this.

Overall I'm very happy with it.

firebrand said on Dec. 15 '07

I like the pick/pump the mark and it works well breaking the type. The distressed type is well executed too.

MikePearce said on Dec. 26 '07

great logo, but why the background? Shouldn't a logo stand on its own on a white background? Never understood that.

dache said on Dec. 26 '07

It can be noticed that if a logo has a colored background with effects it has more than 30% chance of entering the gallery, so why not?

OcularInk said on Dec. 26 '07

@ MikePearce : In my opinion, this logo would work just as well on a white background. The idea is clever and nicely put together. However, I do agree with you. A logo should be able to stand on its own on a white background.

logomotive said on Dec. 26 '07

Any decent designer can look at this and see that it will work just as well on a "white" background as it does here, In fact any decent designer can look at a well designed logo on a dark background and figure out how it can be reversed and work just as well. There is not a set standard on the way a logo should presented, the standard is that it should work both ways. While it is true that most printed published works of logos are on white, this is the internet and we are dealing with translucent light, so why not get the most out of a presentation, to each their own.

kattttor said on Dec. 28 '07

The background is from the cd cover that I made for the bands demo, I like it so I used it here as well.

OcularInk said on Dec. 28 '07

Nice. It even looks better on a white background IMO. The red really pops then. :-D

onesummer said on Jan. 24 '08

very cool. though i realize what it is from the discussion, at first look i thought "rocket fuel" I find the mark a little hard to get that it's a's still a good one, nonetheless

sidroxu said on Dec. 11 '08

how bout using a guitar instead of a pick? using a shape which is a mixture of guitar and fuel nozzles,, nozzles comin out on sides of main body of guitar,, u understood? or shall i send a rough sketch?

Michigan Web said on Dec. 27 '09

No need for a white background. This looks awesome!

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