chilidog concept

by daleharris • Uploaded: Dec. 10 '07
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Description: concept for a film/tv production company.

Status: Nothing set

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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bpotstra said on Dec. 10 '07

Ha! That's awesome!!

admarcbart said on Dec. 10 '07

Dale this freaking rocks man!! Nice concept.

daleharris said on Dec. 10 '07

yeah, the linework is poxy, but i liked the concept enough to post it.

chanpion said on Dec. 10 '07

This is kool. or hot! But somehow I think you can do abit more with the type Dale.

daleharris said on Dec. 10 '07

yeah i could chanpion, though the company in question is looking to go with a completely different name so i have shelved this concept.

firebrand said on Dec. 10 '07

That's one hot dawg, Dale.

admarcbart said on Dec. 10 '07

Dale I think this could be a LL5 submission! ;)

TernaciousT said on Dec. 10 '07

I agree that the type needs some word and when it gets a good colour treatment I think it'll be a great little logo. I can see the logo maybe offending some over protective animal lovers but as a concept it's pretty cool. If they don't go for it maybe you can sell it to an authentic Thai Restaurant! Poor little doggy! ;)

AlexWende said on Jan. 18 '08

Great! I love this kind of logos! :D

lifesaverservant said on Apr. 09 '08

FAV. Float!

lifesaverservant said on Apr. 09 '08

Poor little guy got into the Mexican food again. :)

dooms said on Apr. 09 '08

really nice! great concept, great style. love it

SpiffyJ said on Apr. 10 '08

That dog has some serious belly-fire going on.

firebrand said on Apr. 10 '08

Coming back for another look. Brilliant.

daleharris said on Apr. 10 '08

thanks guys!

wilsonink said on Apr. 16 '08

shit!! this is great one! :), here where i live there's "hot dogs" called "chilidogos" XD jeje

jeffc said on Jul. 23 '08

Love this concept. Well done. (er, no pun intended there...)

neogrey said on Jul. 30 '08

good one :) poor dog :D

daleharris said on Sep. 05 '08

I have just found out that this logo is gonna be in Logolounge V.

Type08 said on Sep. 05 '08

Congrats Dale!

bartodell said on Sep. 05 '08

Congrats bud. See you there.

logoholik said on Sep. 05 '08

Heh, Dale, it looks like you covered the "Dog" section of this year's edition :) Cheers!

daleharris said on Sep. 06 '08

Heh, that's just what I was thinking Logoholik.. :)

OcularInk said on Sep. 06 '08

Congrats on all the Logolounge success, Dale. Keep up the great work!!

illusio said on Sep. 21 '08

I hate it when my ass is on fire too.

defmedia said on Oct. 03 '08

Nice balance. Love the style. Would maybe like to see the tufts on his tummy be a bit more noticeable, make him look a bit more ruffled maybe, but staying within the nice style you've got here.

Type08 said on Jun. 03 '09

Featured now (among others) on Creativity Den

logomotive said on May. 24 '10

wizemark said on May. 24 '10

^I new i saw that logo. Couldn`t find it few months ago.
Another rip -

wizemark said on May. 24 '10


sdijock said on May. 24 '10

Wow! What a blatant rip of your logo. Unreal.

brandsimplicity said on May. 24 '10

Wow...they need a hot poker up the ***

daleharris said on Jul. 07 '10

Bastards, so far I think this is my most ripped logo, three times that I know of now..

alexanderspliid said on Jul. 07 '10

^ That is sad, and the worst part is that if you have spotted it three times then it has probably been ripped of a hundred times that you don't know of. sad sad sad.

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