Ocean Care

by TypeandSigns • Uploaded: Jan. 23 '14
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Description: Concept work for Ocean Care ...

Status: Work in progress

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: worldfishwhalecare

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quackcom said on Jan. 23 '14

Nice whale.

Mikeymike said on Jan. 23 '14

Nice Bernd. good illustration and I personally like the lock up. fresh.
Not sure if the small dots on the whale will reproduce very well. and I don't think they are necessary.
None the less I really like it. cheers.

type and signs said on Jan. 23 '14

yes, yes, yes ... you are absolutely right .... did you see the b&w solution on dribbble ??? because of the dots ... ?

I'm going to optimize it ... sooo thank you very much !!!!

Mikeymike said on Jan. 23 '14

yes I think it cleaned up a bit more.
I did see the dribbble version, and thought it looked nice as an illustration. and it is.
just thought as long as it was going to be a logo it could use a bit more cleaning, that's all.
nicely done.

type and signs said on Jan. 23 '14

@Mikeymike ... what can I say ... YOU ARE RIGHT !! Thanks a lot

jerron said on Jan. 26 '14

Very nice whale and accompanying font.

type and signs said on Jan. 27 '14

thanks Jerron ... means a lot !

stevan said on Jan. 27 '14

Whale done Bernd!!

type and signs said on Jan. 28 '14

thanks for floating ...
stevan .. thanks mate ... appreciated ... ;D

THEArtistT said on Jan. 28 '14

really love the Pacific Northwest indigenous art influence in this. nice modern execution.

type and signs said on Jan. 29 '14

Whoever is responsable for pushing me into gallery ... thanks a mass ... really, really appreciate it !

ladygrey said on Jan. 29 '14

Great how ever)

type and signs said on Jan. 30 '14

thanks Alena .. good to read your comment ... appreciated !

1Arts said on Jan. 30 '14

wow man! soo cool! i love it! the whale is awesome

2stolz said on Feb. 01 '14


milovanovic said on Feb. 02 '14

Great work Tas!

type and signs said on Feb. 02 '14

thanks people ... really appreciate your kind comments !

mrpond said on Mar. 25 '14

I love this design. Love the colors and the symmetrical feel. I hope the client likes it!

bratus said on Mar. 26 '14


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