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Description: Logo for a beer brewery. Notice the d6 in the eyes? For a closer more detailed look see here. http://www.logomotive.net/en/closeups.htm Custom type.

As seen on: www.logomotive.net

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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mojosolo said on Aug. 12 '08

Your work is great but you do a great disservice to yourself and everyone else by selling it at such low prices.

logomotive said on Aug. 12 '08

Thanks but what I charge is between me and my clients. You really have no idea what each contract is do you? It varies for each and the time involved.

logomotive said on Aug. 12 '08

Gosh,what should I be charging? a million bucks? humm..


people search said on Aug. 12 '08

Hate to sound like McDonalds, however,I'm lovin' it

mojosolo said on Aug. 13 '08

Maybe I misread your site but it looks like you have some great work abut the pricing structure looked like it was based on a menu style scale with the top end being about $150 per concept. My opinion is that work of this quality has a greater value, sorry that you clearly took it as an insult.

logomotive said on Aug. 13 '08

Mojo, thanks no I did take it as a compliment. It's just that I don't charge only 150 per concept at least not now. I'm a bit lazy for one thing and your looking at a page that was done in 97/98 (frontpage). I do charge a bit more than what you think but agree I could probably be charging more for my skill and knowledge. thanks for the approval.

logomotive said on Aug. 13 '08

Gosh, I hope that don't sound egotistical?

mojosolo said on Aug. 13 '08

Not at all, you've got some great work and sometimes might need to hear it from someone else, especially the illustrative work, which is something that a lot of solid designers couldn't touch. I'm really interested in some of your shading techniques, are they hand done or are using some filters to generate them i.e. the Main Street Sports Bar Shark?

logomotive said on Aug. 13 '08

Mojo, ha ha thanks. Hey I'll post on my shark to the best I can remember.

leolnz said on Sep. 18 '08

I like it very very much :)

Type08 said on Oct. 01 '08

Yep, this one is off the hook!

webcore said on Oct. 15 '08


logomotive said on Oct. 16 '08

^^^Thanks ha off the hook ;-)

gthobbs said on Oct. 19 '08

This one makes me want to punch you.

logomotive said on Oct. 19 '08

^ Where's the gloves? I feel the same about a quite a few of your works, we'll just duke it out.

tiko1232 said on Oct. 29 '08

Just Beautiful mike :) Am a great fan!!

urge said on Dec. 23 '08

Wow....... simply stunning!

logomotive said on Jan. 13 '09

^^ Thanks kind of you.

penflare said on Jan. 13 '09

what detail! absolutely awesome work mike

firebrand said on Jan. 13 '09

Nice to see this one resurface. A true master class.

ulahts said on Jan. 14 '09

Absolutely brilliant!!!

logomotive said on Jan. 31 '09

Thanks guys. D6 yeah loved doing this one.

xlpixels said on May. 04 '09

very nicely done - I love this style!! Beautiful color combo.

Porter Design said on May. 05 '09

I really like this one a lot.

fogra said on May. 16 '09

Just for the record, this one is my fave of yours.

logomotive said on May. 16 '09

Thanks Sean, one of my favs too.

mister jones said on Jun. 02 '09

just noticed the 6 in the eyes. sweeeet

logomotive said on Jun. 09 '09

Thanks uneekGrafix, I appreciate the nice comment and honesty.I'll try to keep inspiring.
@mister jones thanks, good eye ;=)

dimARTirosov said on Jun. 12 '09

Its just ridiculous how good you are....

logomotive said on Jul. 04 '09

:) thanks! I wish I felt the same.

andreiu said on Sep. 14 '09

one of my favorites.

logomotive said on Sep. 14 '09

Yeah it's really one of my favs also. In fact you just gave me and idea for an abandonded project. http://logopond.com/gallery/detail/77411 Thanks! maybe I could sell this one somehow.

tokostyler said on Sep. 15 '09


Logocrave said on Sep. 16 '09

i love this style

logomotive said on Sep. 18 '09

^^^Thanks :)

srd said on Oct. 06 '09

Oh another great pirate here! Awesome work.

Rokac said on Oct. 06 '09

Shame on me that I didn't float this one before..Great stuff mr. Mike..

logomotive said on Oct. 12 '09

ARRRR thanks guys.

oronoz ® said on Feb. 23 '10

Mikester...I mean Master!! This is just awesome!!

dannygdammit said on Feb. 23 '10

Definitely one of my favorites on LP! I thought I commented on this already.. guess not.

impodster said on Feb. 23 '10

amazing label! Good beer?

michaelspitz said on Feb. 23 '10

Man, I'm always missing these Mike...
I mean jeeze...it's like a bottomless pit of tallent here... ;)

I'll have to go trolling though the ol'showcase again and toss out some more floats!

Chad Sanderson said on Feb. 23 '10

I'm going to be honest with you Mike, I think you should retire. Best to go out on top, I always say. And I know finding work is rough, but you could always, say, teach. In the south. At Georgia Southern University. Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:30 to 5.

Think about it.

JoePrince said on Feb. 23 '10

^Haha, I'm with Chad!

michaelspitz said on Feb. 23 '10

^^Ha! Who wouldnt want that vacation schedual ;)

ethereal said on Feb. 23 '10

Ha ha, Chad. Awesome illustration, Mike.

Creative Squall said on Feb. 23 '10

Killer concept and killer execution. The attention to details, "d" and "6" eyes is amazing.

mcdseven said on Feb. 24 '10

another beauty. Your the king Mike.

mcdseven said on Feb. 24 '10

noticed on the website that the d and the 6 are just 6 and 6? Did you change it for that? anyway looks cool even with the grunge.

bigoodis said on Feb. 24 '10

fantastic work again!

andreiu said on Feb. 24 '10

happy to see this one featured!

magicshadow said on Feb. 24 '10

always great Mike

Mikeymike said on Feb. 24 '10

awesome work, Mike. true talent. great illustrative skill, man. love it!!!

logomotive said on Feb. 24 '10

Thanks so much guys, I had a LOT of fun working on this one.
@mcdseven, yeah that was an earlier version and must admit can't take full credit for the d6 in eyes, that was Von's suggestion.

2ccreative said on Feb. 24 '10

Amazing as usual!

Stephen James said on Feb. 24 '10

awesome work logomotive, really like this.
your damn good :P

KonradK said on Feb. 25 '10

amazing illustration!

Lecart said on Feb. 25 '10

^ true story, i should make a page in my favorites just out of pieces from your showcase. :))

birofunk said on Feb. 25 '10

you definitley nailed this one!

chopeh said on Feb. 25 '10

Insanely great - I really wish I could do stuff like this. Inspirational.

serhos said on Feb. 25 '10

Guess it`s you Mike without viewing an author name=) Love your illustrative style!

reno said on Feb. 25 '10

Awesome!!! doing a beer label has been a dream of mine ;) hope I can make it as cool as this when I get the chance.

logomotive said on Feb. 26 '10

Thanks 2ccreative,Stephen James,Konrad,Lecart (Ha thanks bud),birofunk(came easy ;),chopeh (you can),serhos (love yours too), and reno I hear ya I get inspired by many beer lables and wine labels in the grocery market, I satnd there looking like I'm thinking about what to buy but just studying the artwork, what a nerd huh?

raja said on Feb. 26 '10

Mike, I commented on this years back, what happen?

It was heavy praise

logomotive said on Feb. 26 '10

Raja it was so special to me that I hid it and still treasure it today.

raja said on Feb. 26 '10

that' so cute loll - but seriously, did you upload again or is this the original post?

logomotive said on Feb. 26 '10

ga ga goo goo, :) no I removed my entire showcase once for a while , another story.

logomotive said on Feb. 26 '10

BTW Raja, that was a compliment.

nido said on Feb. 26 '10

"Gosh,what should I be charging? a million bucks? humm.."... it still wouldnt be enough...

I remember seeing this way back when too... I remember thinking "I could never do that!"... I still have that same feeling when I see it now... & I hate you for it...

logomotive said on Feb. 26 '10

Ok Nav, how much I owe ya this time? yer breaking me brother.

javaap said on Feb. 26 '10

100th float, Tasty!!

designfacet said on Feb. 27 '10

Nice work. I like the colors and the illustrative style.

Ellie said on Mar. 03 '10

Not to sound too forward but I would seriously consider baring your children.


mcdseven said on Mar. 03 '10

^LMFAO... jaysus Mike... so thats how you do it, design killer logos and ya can get groupies! @Ellie... your cracked!

AlexWende said on Mar. 03 '10

I thought I have floated & faved it already?! Since I saw that I have a goal in live ...

Ellie said on Mar. 03 '10

@mcdseven: Cracked - no. Eye for stella design - yes.
Hey, a girl's gotta throw herself at sheer talent when she sees it. Doesn't come around too often :)

Chad Sanderson said on Mar. 03 '10

You know, I'm pretty talented myself...

mcdseven said on Mar. 03 '10

@Ellie... you gotta do what ya gotta do... and in fairness Mike is damn near King around these parts... oh and 'cracked' is used in positive tones where I'm from...! :)

logomotive said on Mar. 03 '10

Thanks guys, Ha ha interesting post how do I respond? guess I'll just tell ya Chicks dig me :) Thanks ellie ;)

logomotive said on Mar. 03 '10

I'm a chick magnet.

Ellie said on Mar. 03 '10

Great logos is the way to a cracked (?) girl's heart. I'm blushing just looking at it. To the other boys - Mike's some serious competition.

mcdseven said on Mar. 04 '10

^ competition, nah! because I hope you appreciate the term 'beauty is only skin deep', because mike is really overweight (he put the muffin into muffin top), has the worst comb-over you ever saw, wears those horrible check trousers, has a glass eye, and I'm not sure if he still has all his original teeth? Actually he looks a little like Sloth out of the Goonies, but hey, he is a sh*t hot logo designer!

Ellie said on Mar. 04 '10

Hey @mcdseven, you never know, that could be juuuuuuust my type. He can logo my motive any day.

Wow Mike, sucks to be your wall. (You've only got yourself to blame)

mcdseven said on Mar. 04 '10

^:). nice comeback.

logomotive said on Mar. 08 '10

^^ LOL

devey said on Mar. 08 '10

This is killer... love your work!

logomotive said on Mar. 11 '10

Tony, your just jealous chicks dig me ;)
Jeffrey, thanks love yours too.

eziemac said on Mar. 11 '10

Hey Ellie, check out my showcase, baby ;)...Don't please, i could only dream of having this lads talent!!

logomotive said on Mar. 11 '10

^ Euan, it's my hot looks bro. I'm a chick magnet. Even at 41 :)))

andrevaleiras said on Apr. 20 '10

outstanding! just that... congratulations! i would love to drink one of those haha

mcguire design said on Apr. 22 '10

Great job. One of the very best beverage logos ever.

logomotive said on Apr. 26 '10

Thanks andrevalerias. Thanks McGuire.

matt.h said on May. 09 '10


mcguire design said on Jun. 04 '10

I really want to buy one of their shirts because of the illustration. Simply sweet. Maybe this month :)

logomotive said on Jun. 15 '10

Thaks Matt, Thanks Robert. Me too. good suggestion,I think I'll go do that.

Ellie said on Jun. 15 '10

Oh. 41. With age comes spectacular talent I suppose. Muchos kudos again.

logomotive said on Jun. 22 '10

I LOVE YOU Elllie.

nido said on Jun. 23 '10

get a room...

Ellie said on Jun. 23 '10

Alright, alright. My uncouth nature is wearing. Although, @nido, I just checked out your tasty illustrations...

logomotive said on Jul. 16 '10

Oh give me a break guys, can't a guy get a little love ever now and again.

logomotive said on Jul. 16 '10


logomotive said on Jul. 21 '10

:) Thanks Ben.

ahmetbarin said on Oct. 31 '10

oooooo Very Good nice !

JoePrince said on Dec. 10 '10

^I'd like to see more. This is your best work IMO Mike, love this!

logomotive said on Dec. 11 '10

When I get a request for this type now. I'm getting 100% for my mark/type logo now. Plus Oronoz is hogging all the Illi type logos.

wizmaya said on Feb. 12 '11

Gosh! And this was done in what... 2007? With my illy background, you make me feel puny! :D A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

raja said on Feb. 12 '11

So, from what I gather - Mike gets the ladies - and Oronoz is doing all the work

13mu said on Feb. 15 '11


mistcreative said on Jun. 27 '11

Really love the colors of this logo, type and the actual imagery.

Bernd said on Jun. 27 '11

oh man ... your work is really special ...I'm a biiiig fan ...

JcArtwork said on Jul. 11 '11

smart use of the d 6 in the eyes

jands said on Sep. 26 '11

great !!!! !

logomotive said on Oct. 08 '11

Thanks for the love guys. Many of you have seen it, but this was made into a sign. Just thought I'd share http://dribbble.com/shots/274004-DeepSix-Sign/attachments/9820

james ewin designs said on Jan. 09 '12


vectorguru said on Jun. 01 '12


logomotive said on Jun. 02 '12

Thanks James and Richard.

CamoCreative said on Apr. 09 '13

This goes to favs. Great job!

logomotive said on Nov. 19 '14

Thank you TwoTribes. FIVERR is becoming the biggest problem in our Industry. Say NO to Fiverr! need a campaign committee.

notjelly said on Nov. 19 '14

I'll gladly serve on that committee! And to further cement the universal truth of the matter, this logo is fan-bloody-tastic!

jerron said on Nov. 20 '14

You're on fiver? What are you going to do with all that income?

logomotive said on Nov. 20 '14

Jerron, Yep! Quantity not Quality. I can produce a lot in 5 minutes for 5 bucks.

sam1234 said on Apr. 18 '15

Wow, that's an amazing logo!

logomotive said on Apr. 20 '15

Thank You Sam!

AIex said on Dec. 05 '15

Great design made by a great designer.

logomotive said on Dec. 05 '15

Thank you Alex.

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