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by braincell • Uploaded: Dec. 05 '07
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Description: The new DC mark introduced in 2005, dubbed "The DC Spin". Design: Brainchild Studios/NYC.

As seen on: DC Comics

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Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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muSCle said on Dec. 06 '07

Awesome logo

OcularInk said on Dec. 06 '07

It looked better on a white background. But still, I love how you executed the new brand. Nice work, brain!!

paulj said on Dec. 06 '07

not sure if the star really adds enough to merit it being there, and i dislike it when people use the glow effect when displaying logos. I mean, unless it is technically an "element" of the logo, why put it there? But I love how the DC, white swoosh, and blue circle are integrated. Definitely good work on that.

bigjerk said on Dec. 06 '07

Tasteful update of the old standby...save for the glows etc.

moverdrive said on Dec. 06 '07

Great design. Nice combination of elegance and forward motion.

raja said on Dec. 07 '07

I just saw this on TV

OcularInk said on Dec. 07 '07

Don't lie. We all know you can't afford a TV. :-P

admarcbart said on Dec. 07 '07

The star if I am not mistaken is a tribute to the DC logos from the past. This logo predecessor had 4 in it and I am glad you guys kept at least one in the new version. I remember when I received all of the materials for Batman Begins promotions at my former job. This was a hidden gem in the supplied artwork. I had everyone in the design department at my desk for over a hour looking at this and the new animation. Nice work.

It was so much better on the big screen in Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins, now I can not wait for "The Dark Knight":http://www.comicbookmovie.com/images/news/batman-the-dark-knight/Dark%20Knight%20-%20Why%20So%20Serious.jpg

logomotive said on Dec. 07 '07

Why did you go and throw on a glow effect? It was nice and crisp and clean before??? No biggie still a nice REbrand. Good job.

braincell said on Dec. 07 '07

A piece of inside info direct from the design brief....The predominant use of the mark was on comic covers. They are a tough environment to place any corporate logo on as they vary widely. Different types of illustration, both painted and non. Dark backgrounds. Light backgrounds. Complex illos. Simple illos, etc. etc. etc. The glow effect was a tool used to pull the logo off the background art and make it pop. A second version of the logo also exists without the glow that can be seen in various forms outside of the cover environment.

straycloud said on Dec. 09 '07

Its a fine logo but...look at the I (heart) NY logo. Same designer as the original DC logo (Milton Glaser). His work is timeless. and the real reason for the change is the success of the spiderman movie. DC had to re brand to keep up as it moved into cinema.

blkumb67 said on Dec. 12 '07

I've been buying DC comics since 1973 or so, and I just have to say that I LOVE this logo. It really represents the DC universe well. Bravo!

admarcbart said on Dec. 17 '07

"Let's put a Smile on That Face":http://atasteforthetheatrical.com/deathtrap/default.htm IT'S COMING!!!!

hairygorillaass said on Jun. 12 '08

It don't get any more professional than this

shamrock said on Aug. 11 '08

I always like this logo! Great job!

Ronald Surya said on Sep. 03 '08

Love it!!!!!

jakmania said on Oct. 06 '08

Sae sanget. Very america huh. Great job.

sean23uk said on Jun. 04 '09

nice update to a classic mark

JoePrince said on Feb. 08 '10

This is sweet looking!

tommy brix said on Jul. 01 '11


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