The Rusty Crab

by grigoriou • Uploaded: Sep. 28 '13
Gallerized Sep. '13 ae96930bb480b2d96521b478071b4277.png

Description: Combination anchor/crab

As seen on: Logoturn

Status: Unused proposal

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: seamarinabaotanchorrestaurant

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cnasshan said on Sep. 28 '13

Those textures are just incredible.

verg said on Sep. 28 '13

This is a killer logo with a fantastic name. I really love how you've handled the negative space. Well done! Float Fav

samdemastrie said on Sep. 28 '13

Wow, amazing work.

tabithakristen said on Sep. 28 '13

Awesome! In the thumbnail, I thought it was a woman with sunglasses and medusa like hair. LOL. It's amazing though. And what verg said about the negative space... nailed it!

contrast8 said on Sep. 29 '13

genius at work:)

pausedsn said on Sep. 29 '13

Yup! Well crafted logo.

morecolor said on Sep. 29 '13

Brilliant idea!

rbhogal said on Sep. 29 '13

great concept!

vidu said on Sep. 29 '13

Incredible idea an execution...Congrats!!

9T6 said on Sep. 29 '13

Really nicely done!

dotflo said on Sep. 30 '13

nicely done!

campfire said on Sep. 30 '13

Nice use of negative space. I don't think you need the ring at the top of the anchor though. It's already implied pretty well. Seems to hinder the flow you established in space above logo, through claws and into body. Just my opinion :)

campfire said on Sep. 30 '13

The R looks to be hanging out just a tad too far to the left as well. Nice mark though!

rudy hurtado said on Sep. 30 '13

BRILLIANT work here grigoriou

charcoal said on Sep. 30 '13

That's gold! Makes me want to eat there.
Unused proposal%u2026 no way?!

charcoal said on Sep. 30 '13

That's gold! Makes me want to eat there.
Unused proposal... no way?!

tass said on Oct. 01 '13

Veeeery nice!

nagual said on Oct. 03 '13


logomotive said on Oct. 04 '13

Clever Greg. I kind of agree about the ring on top. awesome anyway.

Hayes Image said on Oct. 05 '13

As much as I like the logo, am I the only one who reads 'krusty krab' from Spongebob Squarepants'. ?????

ClimaxDesigns said on Oct. 05 '13

lol yeah me too at the thumbnail

sikorulab said on Oct. 18 '13

i like this logo very much....

rolys said on Nov. 05 '13


ocularink said on Nov. 06 '13

Great use of negative space. Agree about the ring on top. And thanks, Josh Hayes. I do now.

RueyMin said on Nov. 19 '13


JohnDervishi said on Dec. 01 '13

Really awesome! Agreed about the ring

Nbarkho said on Dec. 26 '14

Love it!

widakk said on Jan. 31 '15


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