The Quick Brown Fox

by mr.purple • Uploaded: May. 29 '13
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Description: Logo for a writer/editor/publisher. Main idea was to link the figure of a fox with literature.

Really sorry this went unused - I would've loved to see this little guy on the spine of a book.

Status: Unused proposal

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: literaturepublishereditorwriterbook

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cnasshan said on May. 29 '13

I don't like it. I love it.

firebrand said on May. 29 '13

Nice work. 99 percent there on execution. :)

mr.purple said on May. 29 '13

Much appreciated, guys! :)

ladygrey said on May. 29 '13

Ha-ha! Clever concept

palattecorner said on May. 29 '13

damn cool

RaitG said on May. 29 '13

I think it's looks magic, especially for a writer

mr.purple said on May. 29 '13

Thanks for the floats and the gallery spot, dear logoponders!

Elpuser said on May. 30 '13

That fox is so sleek

chrisworks said on May. 31 '13

Killer concept :)

Ne Po said on Jun. 07 '13

Really nice

ocularink said on Jun. 10 '13

I agree. This is very nice.

THEArtistT said on Jun. 10 '13

my only complaint is that the fox is not brown.

mr.purple said on Jun. 10 '13

Actually tried the brown version as well, but the authentic foxy colour made the whole logo a lot easier to be recognized.

jcbeelte said on Aug. 30 '15

Mr purple who may we contact you about to use that logo?

jcbeelte said on Aug. 30 '15

I%u2019m sorry about the typo. I meant how can we contact you?

mr.purple said on Nov. 23 '15

Hi there, sorry for this very late reply, it's just now that I noticed your inquiery. If you're still interested, please drop a mail at szasz_karoly_zsolt[at]yahoo[dot]com

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