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by jueves • Uploaded: Apr. 09 '13
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Description: I was playing around with a beer cap last weekend and this came up. What do you guys think?

Status: Just for fun

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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Inkwill Design said on Apr. 10 '13

I love the lights and shadows on the cap! Really nice.

Dan. said on Apr. 10 '13

Love the concept. Not sure about the type. I think a stronger bolder sans serif would work better here.

Inkwill Design said on Apr. 10 '13

Totally agree about a bolder type, but in my opinion the serifs go well with the cap teeth.

bright eye said on Apr. 10 '13

Bravo! You deserve a beer!

bright eye said on Apr. 10 '13

Regarding font - have you considered parodying the classic I 'heart' NY logo? If so you could use a similar font.

Dan. said on Apr. 10 '13

Inkwell has a good point. Maybe a slab serif then?

logoboom said on Apr. 10 '13

great cap

ru_ferret said on Apr. 10 '13

wow cap

cpuentes23 said on Apr. 10 '13

Well done!

Logomotive said on Apr. 10 '13

ha great idea. You should try to sell this idea to Coke.

pausedsn said on Apr. 10 '13


morecolor said on Apr. 10 '13

I love beer and this logo :P Great idea!

oscarcuriel said on Apr. 10 '13

Great Concept!

ru_ferret said on Apr. 10 '13

This idea reminds me I love logo design, really. It's always a big pleasure to see something smart in this field.

jueves said on Apr. 10 '13

wow guys! thanks for all your comments and support! i will try a different font to see how it looks.

bigred22 said on Apr. 10 '13

Seriously one of my all time favorite... this is so good!!!

bigred22 said on Apr. 10 '13

Logomotive is right... or Anheiser Busch

borinagge said on Apr. 10 '13


t-sovo said on Apr. 10 '13

Agree with Logomotive! sell it to Coke. Its brilliant!

alkaloidas said on Apr. 10 '13

super smart!

vishnurkinfinity said on Apr. 10 '13

cheers for the logo man... good color n concept, typo could be better i think..

fogra said on Apr. 11 '13

Heineken has already ran with this concept.
https://www.signmeup.com/images/clients/84523h_Heineken with a Heart.JPG

maja said on Apr. 11 '13

1000% logo

ppetkov said on Apr. 11 '13

cooooool :)

t-sovo said on Apr. 11 '13

Yeah it was a Heineken fundraiser event symbol to support Special Olympics Tennessee. Kinda small use for such a powerful symbol...

oscarcuriel said on Apr. 11 '13

But this is a better Concept than Heineken

t-sovo said on Apr. 11 '13

regardless this is a great concept and even greater execution. thumbs up jueves

fogra said on Apr. 11 '13

logotipokurimas said on Apr. 11 '13

veeery cool

vsmj said on Apr. 11 '13

Great job on the cap design, looks awesome!

ladygrey said on Apr. 11 '13

So good!

Logomotive said on Apr. 11 '13

@ Fogra,..Never seen that Heineken add. Great campaign.

firebrand said on Apr. 11 '13

Nice find Sean. Cracking ad.

jueves said on Apr. 11 '13

Guys ive never seen that add before.

t-sovo said on Apr. 11 '13

well you got this place moving again:)

cnasshan said on Apr. 11 '13

I also love beer.

Inkwill Design said on Apr. 11 '13

I love Coke.

RaitG said on Apr. 11 '13

great idea

alexwende said on Apr. 12 '13

I'm for a slab serif here =) other than that it's a pretty fun concept!

crisluz13 said on Apr. 12 '13

Muito bom!

Patrykgaluszka said on Apr. 12 '13

The same was used by Heineken on Opener Festival in Poland. Was it yours?

13mu said on Apr. 12 '13

this is cooL!

Dokins said on Apr. 12 '13

This is so cool, I love this design and I am even using the word love which means it does work.

notjelly said on Apr. 12 '13

Shame Heineken hit upon this first. Cause you've done a wonderful job expressing the idea in three colors with killer line work. Great minds and what not%u2026

BigAl67 said on Apr. 12 '13

Outstanding concept. This is what it's all about folks. So simple and succinct - close to perfection. Heck it IS perfect.

athenabelle said on Apr. 13 '13

do you have the link of the heineken thing?

I-am-Tiago said on Apr. 14 '13

Very cool

nikron said on Apr. 15 '13


Petro said on Apr. 15 '13

very very very coooooool!!!

hanuman shakti said on Apr. 16 '13

Damn Good!....Well done!

Dan. said on Apr. 16 '13

Thought i'd floated this already.... ahh well. #100!

Dan. said on Apr. 16 '13

Heineken have produced some cracking print ads. I had this idea while sipping a cold one last christmas.... http://www.theloungegroup.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/Heineken2.png
Low and behold, they'd already done it!

nido said on Apr. 16 '13

Heineken. Probably the best ad makers in the world.

Oh... wait... Carlsberg beat them to it.

raja said on Apr. 16 '13

quite possibly

levogrin said on Apr. 17 '13

Cool!!! I love it!

zephyr said on Apr. 17 '13

Love it! Bending a cap like this is tough too. Lol

jueves said on Apr. 21 '13

Thanks for all your comments guys,

lizheng525sh said on May. 16 '13

awosome idea

Ne Po said on Jun. 10 '13

Hehe very clever

logomotive said on Jun. 10 '13


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