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Description: This is the final and approved logo for the Indian company called Multipinions which run a network of forums (online discussion boards). The client wanted something lighthearted, casual and easy recognizable totally opposed to the idea of corporate logos. This is one of those logos that have a strong 'backbone' behind it. Pigeon as a symbol of communication and transfer of messages. Speech bubble as a wing is clear symbol on the forums conversations (opinions) and with open line pigeon I wanted to show the openness (freedom) of the conversations on these forums.

Status: Client work

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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Nitish said on Feb. 25 '13

This is awsome. You managed to get a pigeon, a speech bubble and text lines all in the icon...I love it. Respect

mariagroenlund said on Feb. 25 '13

Really nice harmonious mark and logotype!

lumavine said on Feb. 26 '13

Awesome concept! Very smart work here Nitish!

pausedsn said on Feb. 26 '13

Nitish and Maria - I'm doing my best. Thank you!

Luma - Try to guess the user's profile :^)

lumavine said on Feb. 27 '13

Haha ooops sorry about that Jovan! My mistake.

GreenInkStudio said on Feb. 27 '13

Very nice logo, Jovan!

richelt said on Feb. 27 '13

Nice type and overall feel, but the pigeon seems very static and it's just standing there! It's 'derpy' to to speak. I think there's more character to be had for the pigeon!

Hope that helps ;)

durand said on Feb. 27 '13

I love the vibe of this!

tickey said on Feb. 28 '13

Nice execution.

designerdan said on Feb. 28 '13

simple and effective. well done.

raja said on Mar. 02 '13

that's a smart concept

pausedsn said on Mar. 03 '13

Thank you all people very much!

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