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Description: Logo for design agency in Istanbul/Uzbekistan.

The mark for CreaSoul is inspired by a group of paintings made by artists trying to capture what they thought the soul looks like.


Status: Client work

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: mariagrønlundcolorfulabstractcreativity

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handmadeweb said on Feb. 21 '13

Such wonderful movement and colour in this logo. It grabbed me straight away. I don't think there's much left to do this.

crisluz13 said on Feb. 22 '13

i like it so much! Congratulations!

tabithakristen said on Feb. 22 '13

Beautiful! I think the type would be a little more cohesive if all letters were the same weight. But, it's wonderful regardless. :)

mcdseven said on Feb. 22 '13

I'd make the type one weight, but the mark is striking. wonderful mark.

fauziiozii said on Feb. 27 '13


erickazof said on Feb. 28 '13

Nice touch!

vidu said on Feb. 28 '13

Such an amazing work, congrats! :D

raja said on Feb. 28 '13


designerdan said on Feb. 28 '13

Wonderful. Colourful and eye catching.

cnasshan said on Mar. 06 '13

You're work is gorgeous. But you haven't showcased your Skjold Plast project yet, how come?

mariagroenlund said on Mar. 06 '13

Thank you cnasshan :) I'll showcase the Skjoldplast logo shortly. How could I forget that?!

pearlside said on Mar. 24 '13

Dear Mariagroenlund,

Your work is lovely, and i would like to personally contact you via email, or skype, to have the opportunity that you design my company's logo.

Im looking forward to working with you.


mariagroenlund said on Mar. 30 '13

Thank you very much pearlside. My email is maria@pixelsonrails.com.

jrbond said on Apr. 24 '13

Beautiful work, especially the mark. I'm curious, how you will take this to a one color?

mariagroenlund said on Apr. 25 '13

Thank you jrbond. I wouldn't.It's possible to make a version with an outline only, which I've shown in the presentation for the costumer. But it's not optimal.

Petro said on Apr. 30 '13

Very-very good stile! So nice and colourful!

LosanC said on Jan. 15 '14

this inspires...

sachin haral83 said on Aug. 04 '15

Very beautiful! what type is you use for it?

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