Cloudware Identity / Logo Design

by PauliusKairevicius • Uploaded: Feb. 06 '13
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Description: Approved identity for cloud & hosted technology services based in United Arab Emirates.

Status: Client work

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: printmarkiconpatternbranding

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effendy said on Feb. 06 '13

Superb job on this project fella.

Mikeymike said on Feb. 06 '13

^agree. great end result.

paulius kairevicius said on Feb. 06 '13

Thank you guys!! It's one of my favourite client's I have ever had :)

Nitish said on Feb. 06 '13


Oronoz ® said on Feb. 06 '13

Looks great, love the work on the type!

designabot said on Feb. 06 '13

Immense branding potential with this one!

Hayes Image said on Feb. 06 '13

^ Agreed, everything is spot on here.

dotflo said on Feb. 07 '13

great project Paulius!

paulius kairevicius said on Feb. 07 '13

Thank's everybody for your comments! I appreciate that.

MarkedOne said on Feb. 07 '13

keep it up, I love your style, bro :)

Sean Heisler said on Feb. 07 '13

Totally agree with Rich, that symbol is bad ass, Paulius.

guyzelz said on Feb. 08 '13

This is brilliant! I feel like a lot of stuff on logopond has become more and more complicated and illustrative over the years. Simplicity is truly the ultimate objective in logo design because it is most memorable... and you nailed it here!

ocularink said on Feb. 13 '13

Love how this finished up, Paulius. Looks great!

leeshaari said on Feb. 15 '13

Very nice and suit to the company's goals. Well done! :-)

pausedsn said on Mar. 04 '13

So clean. Beautiful work!

kylernezin said on Mar. 04 '15

Just found this and thought you should look up Cloud 9's logo.

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