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Description: WIP. this is a little piece I'm working on for a elementary school. It's a design used on an award for a student that reads a certain amount of books. We may put it on shirts also for the winners. Still working on details. But it has been put on hold awhile for now, but wanted to share anyway.

Status: Work in progress

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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Type and Signs said on Jan. 31 '13

coool !

Mikeymike said on Jan. 31 '13

HA! Thanks, Bernd. that was quick. you live here? :D
Truly thanks bud.
This will most likely end up being a freebie, but it for a elementary school where my daughter went and now my granddaughter is going, so what could I say. :)

ColinTierney said on Jan. 31 '13

pro bono for the right reasons is never a bad thing.

Mikeymike said on Jan. 31 '13

Colin, I agree.
But its not pro bono yet, that's one of the reasons its on hold. But that's a good thing, they want to use it on a bigger scale now, so looking for some funding. We'll see. Glad you like it though. cheers.

Type and signs said on Jan. 31 '13

Check every five minutes !!!

struve said on Jan. 31 '13

I'm going to need you to relinquish your texturing secrets ASAP! Looks Great!

Type08 said on Jan. 31 '13


BenLoiz said on Jan. 31 '13

Very nice. It works well in both color and black.

neilss1 said on Feb. 01 '13

This is really cute great job!!

miwrath said on Feb. 01 '13

inspiring. ;)

Mikeymike said on Feb. 01 '13

First of all thanks for the gallery position!
Kyle, HA! come on now you have some pretty nice textures in your stuff already.
Alen, thanks for the L O V E bro.
Ben, thanks.
femilli, t-h-a-n-k-s-! ;)
neilss1, cuteness was the goal, cause those kids are so cute! :)
miwrath, appreciate that!

nido said on Feb. 01 '13

I too wish to know how you do the texturing.. feel free to email me your secrets. Thanks

chanpion said on Feb. 01 '13

Rockin it Mikey.

killanov said on Feb. 02 '13

Cutteee!! :)

natic said on Feb. 02 '13

Cool idea!

leopat said on Feb. 28 '13

Very good, great colors to.
Love the type, it's custom or commercial?

Mikeymike said on Feb. 28 '13

Nido, as far as texturing on some of my stuff its a tough one to explain. But I have gathered different textures over the years form scanning rough surfaces. Everything from jeans to bricks. Setting the contrast real hi then live tracing in illustrator and bring them back in to photo shop to place. Then I make them white or other colors and experiment with different effects, like pin light, or color burn and see what I get. Hope that helps get things started. But you probably already know that stuff.
Chanpion, thanks for the rockin' comment.
Killanov and natic thanks also for the nice comments.
THX, leopat. It was custom.

ChosenIdea426 said on Mar. 10 '16

Super cool.

Mikeymike said on Mar. 10 '16

thanks chosenidea426

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