Banshee Cinema - approved design

by Type and Signs • Uploaded: Jan. 30 '13
Gallerized Feb. '13 d03aaf5519dc9531fd3b3f59489d8796.png

Description: Banshee Cinema -
Logo for an American filmmaker, ©TAS.1.13

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: TAStalemoviemystic

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TYPE AND SIGNS said on Jan. 30 '13

One of our most interesting projects and also one of our kindest and most generous customer ...
finally approved ... this piece is really special and we love it ... !!!!

Dan. said on Jan. 30 '13

Beautiful mate!

Type and Signs said on Jan. 30 '13

Looking forward to seeing a movie with this intro ! believe me !!!!! ;D

Mikeymike said on Jan. 30 '13

very interesting, Bernd. love to see how this develops onto the animation for the movie credit.

chrisworks said on Jan. 30 '13

Beautiful work, really brandable !

logomotive said on Jan. 30 '13

Great Bernd!

Sean Heisler said on Jan. 30 '13

Once again, this is awesome!

firebrand said on Jan. 30 '13

Nice Bernd. I like that it has a plain background here and obligatory textures on dribbble. ;)

szende said on Jan. 30 '13

Well yes this is it! Looks so fine!

Type and signs said on Jan. 30 '13

@Dan ... @Mikeymike ... @chrisworks ... @logomotive (!) ... @Sean ... @firebrand ... @Szende ... believe it or not ... I was so insecure about your opinion ... but ... your review has more than confirmed that we were on the right track ... you are the best ... honestly ... thanks for that !

Type and signs said on Jan. 30 '13

@chameleon ... Das hat so lange gedauert, fast ein Jahr ... aber der Chris (Kunde) war ein so super netter Typ ... das war die beste Logoarbeit meines Lebens ... mal sehen, was fr eine case study daraus entsteht !! dank' dir fr deine wie immer groartigen Worte !!!

chanpion said on Jan. 30 '13

Great work Bernd! Your best yet.

anghelaht said on Jan. 31 '13

Hey uncle B. I'll give a call next week....to see how my master is doing... :)

ladygrey said on Feb. 01 '13

It's crazy cool, crazy amazing & so much wonderful

Type and Signs said on Feb. 01 '13

@chanpion ... ok Norman ... so I'll delete the rest of the show ... ;) ... thanks a lot bud!
@anghelix ... looking forward ... little bro ... looking forward ..........
@Milady ... and you are crazy kind ... thanks for your words

garychew1984 said on Feb. 01 '13

PERFECT!!!!!! Bro, u are amazing!!!!

Type and signs said on Feb. 01 '13

Thanks Gary ... means a lot coming from you !

vergad said on Feb. 02 '13

top shelf brother!

Type and Signs said on Feb. 02 '13

Thanks a lot Matt ... top shelf ... wow ... ;)
and thanks a lot LP for gallerizing this work - always the greatest honor ...

killanov said on Feb. 02 '13

Greaattt!! Perfeeccttt!!!

ru_ferret said on Feb. 02 '13

Unique and memorable!

Type and Signs said on Feb. 02 '13

@killanov ... thanksssssssssssss !!! apppprreeciateddd !!!!!!
@Nikita ... thanks bro ... looking forward to seeing new great stuff of yours !!!!

ladygrey said on Feb. 02 '13

Congrats, mate so very much)

Type and signs said on Feb. 02 '13

Milady ... thank you and a big hug for you !!

cpuentes23 said on Feb. 02 '13

Felicitaciones amigo

kumbariart said on Feb. 02 '13

Nice one dude ;)

THEArtistT said on Feb. 02 '13

Very lovely.

hertzpectiv said on Feb. 02 '13

As usual, great work Bernd! :)

creativearts said on Feb. 03 '13

love it.

Communication Agency said on Feb. 03 '13

great Bernardo

nz paganini said on Feb. 03 '13

Great, Bernd!

zeusbrand said on Feb. 03 '13

looks so nice

oscarcuriel said on Feb. 04 '13

Great Peace of Art, love to see it in a short animation it could be amazing!:D

dotflo said on Feb. 05 '13

amazing stuff Bernd

Type and signs said on Feb. 15 '13

thanks to anyone who commented ... really, really appreciate your kind words !!

simonfenix said on Feb. 26 '13


Type and signs said on Mar. 15 '13

thanks all for commenting and floating !!

Type and Signs said on Nov. 06 '13

paulogo said on Apr. 03 '14

Love this...and the roll out.Well done!

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