Glover's Garage

by 1shotslinger • Uploaded: Jan. 10 '13
Gallerized Jan. '13 8b589da7b2cf777602007ec3d2a381b4.png

Description: Logo for an Automotive photographer

Status: Work in progress

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: industrialvintageScript

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twelve12 said on Jan. 10 '13

This is great! What font is the script?

enked said on Jan. 11 '13

Cool Logo. What font?

tabithakristen said on Jan. 11 '13

Hm. I was going to argue that it's probably NOT a font but custom handwritten script but, both capital G's are identical. Of course, it's possible the designer liked the G and copy pasted. Either way, it's nice.

clabcenter said on Jan. 11 '13

Nice style!

1shotslinger said on Jan. 11 '13

The font is called Signalist. I modified it a little for the letters to fall into each other a little better.


1shotslinger said on Jan. 11 '13

Thanks for all the comments and for putting it in the gallery!

nydesign said on Jan. 11 '13

I was coming to say nice work but after reading your comment somewhat changed my mind. No offense but if you type in "Glover's Garage" in the sample text box in myfonts, it looks identical to Signalist. The only modification you speak of looks like the sheared text...

1shotslinger said on Jan. 11 '13

nydesign, sorry I wasn't specific enough. I didn't heavily modify the text. I just moved letters up and down so the text "Glover's Garage" would stack better. I also extended the drop of the "r" in Glover's to fall into the negative space better. The lowercase "g" is also extended to reach into the outer circle better.

nydesign said on Jan. 11 '13

Na it's all good Devin. Atleast you were honest in saying you used a font :D I right away assume if a type-based logo is gallerized that it is either heavily customised based off a font or its done from scratch. I do like your other stuff in your profile, specially the bar stool. nice work.

nzuzo mtetwa said on Jan. 26 '13

Wow that logo just makes me feel good, it is outstanding, I love it.

RICHI9 said on Aug. 18 '14

can you please contact me?
because i need a look look like this..
maybe you can create me one.

many thx

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