by Jura Ku • Uploaded: Dec. 15 '12
Gallerized Dec. '12 bec5a2eb226853867346af30ea773d6c.png

Description: Knife store.

Status: Unused proposal

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: hatbladeold manbeardknife

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george.wood said on Dec. 15 '12

love this version.

ladygrey said on Dec. 15 '12

Wow, love this!

type and signs said on Dec. 16 '12

very, very nice man !!!

logomotive said on Dec. 16 '12

Very cool Yuri!

Jura Ku said on Dec. 16 '12

Thanks, thanks, thanks to all! )

byhr said on Dec. 16 '12

Bravo ! :)

RaitG said on Dec. 16 '12

) clever

Jura Ku said on Dec. 16 '12

Thanks Byhr and Rait.

designabot said on Dec. 16 '12

clap clap, brillant!

nitish said on Dec. 17 '12

One of the coolest logo i have seen this year. Awsum

orca design said on Dec. 17 '12

Haha, nice!

designabot said on Dec. 17 '12


vali21 said on Dec. 17 '12

Clever idea! I like it dude...great 4U

Jura Ku said on Dec. 17 '12

Many thanks, guys! I'm flattered :)

designer said on Dec. 18 '12

O! on mne toje zakazival etoje

zerographics said on Dec. 19 '12

designer, Jura Ku) I ya tozhe delal, pravda na konkurs vmeste s Juroi )

Siah-Design said on Dec. 19 '12

Lovin' this!

dotflo said on Dec. 20 '12

great great concept and execution!

Jura Ku said on Dec. 21 '12

Designer, I know it. Liked your logo with the japan war-mask. Zerographics, congratulate on winning :) Thanks Siah-Design and Dotflo!

ru_ferret said on Dec. 21 '12

Awesome logo! I'm sure it will find its home :)

Jura Ku said on Dec. 21 '12

Maybe... thank you :)

pausedsn said on Dec. 24 '12

Clever idea!

garychew1984 said on Dec. 25 '12

I see Gandalf! very nice!!

boldflower said on Dec. 25 '12


Jura Ku said on Jan. 06 '13

Hah! Be wise to use knives.
Thanks guys :)

ink said on Mar. 15 '13

Great logo,bravo!

hanuman shakti said on May. 07 '13

trusted store I guess :) nice work pal!

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