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Description: Logo for Octave, a HR company that focuses on helping employees reach their full potential and build strong working relationships.

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dache said on Oct. 16 '07

Cool company name to work for.

frontend said on Oct. 16 '07

very clever. love it

Thomas said on Oct. 16 '07

Nice work!

KGB said on Oct. 16 '07

the simplest executions are the best. well done.

OcularInk said on Oct. 16 '07

Ah, I love clever typographical solutions. And it even reads correctly. Well done, my friend!!

amyblandford said on Oct. 16 '07

very cool! I love how you got the 8 in there without changing any of the letters.

firebrand said on Oct. 16 '07

I was a bit slow seeing the 8, but now I have... marvellous.

rambal said on Oct. 16 '07

brilliant... nice mark..

firebrand said on Oct. 19 '07

I guess I got carried away with all the octopuses. Not to say that it isn't an 8 of course!

firebrand said on Oct. 19 '07

Sorry, didn't read all of your comment.

secondtoughest said on Oct. 19 '07

Perfect solution! I love it.
Well done.

ryantoyota said on Oct. 19 '07

Very cool on many levels. Beautifully done.

smartinup said on Oct. 19 '07

saw the eight right away, then had no problems reading the logo at all! nice. On climax's take, well done man, now that i read his, and look at it again, i can see the "8" almost as notes on a music sheet.


icu said on Oct. 19 '07

good work but colorless.. maybe "8" in other color than the rest

jhtaler said on Oct. 19 '07

clever, brilliant, irreducible

tiko1232 said on Oct. 22 '07

Really good man :)

bionic11 said on Oct. 24 '07

Hi Guys! Thanks for all the comments. To get back to Climax - The original inspiration to the client was the movie "As it is in Heaven" wich is a bout a composer who brings together a group of very different people to help them reach their full potential and together they form this amazing choir. So we went with music. As Climax suggested there are 8 Key points that affect your ability and your potential with other people. So 8 does hold key. About the colour scheme, classical music and note music traditionally in black and white. Also piano Keys.

ahab said on Oct. 24 '07

Great mark and great explanation.

Barmin said on Oct. 25 '07

I love how well it reads, even though its unnaturally written! Simply clever!

logomotive said on Mar. 13 '09

I've been meaning to drop by and say WOW! guess I was in too much in awe over the whole simplicity and brilliance of the design.

Da insane said on Feb. 17 '10

Very clever!

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