by cpuentes23 • Uploaded: Nov. 15 '12

Description: Newborn cloth

Status: Just for fun

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: clothpollitobird

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designabot said on Nov. 16 '12

So unique!

larrymenta said on Nov. 16 '12

very nice!

macadam said on Nov. 16 '12

j'adore ton style, ta gallerie est pleine de poesie, excellent graphiste ! :)

cpuentes23 said on Nov. 16 '12

Thanks a lot :)

vergad said on Nov. 18 '12

Your getting better and better mate. I really love what you've done here, it's super cute. Can I just be picky... the only thing I would change would be where you have doubling up of the "O's" & "L's". Slightly modify them to make them different to each other so that the font looks hand drawn.

chanpion said on Nov. 18 '12

^Just about to suggest that but Matt beat me to it! Also have them slightly slanted from each other so they're not on the same angles. But this is clearly the artwork of the great Carlos!

ladygrey said on Nov. 19 '12

Very cute & honey mark)

designfacet said on Nov. 19 '12

Cute, at first the two knitting rods looked like a beak from far away.

byhr said on Nov. 19 '12

so lovely ! :)

1ta said on Nov. 21 '12

nice style ...

cpuentes23 said on Nov. 26 '12

Matt & Norman, that's a good plan I'll change the LL's, a big thank you to everyone else for their kind words :D

Antonio Cappucci said on Dec. 17 '12

Love It

cpuentes23 said on Jan. 11 '13

Thanks Antonio

mariagroenlund said on Apr. 09 '13

I love your style and colors! Simply adorable (:D

cpuentes23 said on Apr. 10 '13

Thanks Maria for your kind words :)

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