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Description: This is a design for an upcoming trekking equipment brand. Färjkarlen (se) means ferryman and I made it in the style of ancient nordic rock drawing plus some accessoires and a simple compass as a symbol for travel. Sweden is a very popular location for trekking and hiking and my customer wanted a connection to it. Note: The correct spelling would be Färjkarlen - the added letter 'e' was a choise, my customer made for better international reading. Still looking for a better typo.


Status: Unused proposal

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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ladygrey said on Nov. 01 '12

Amazing ethnic mark!

Type and signs said on Nov. 01 '12

yup ... this one loks really good ... love the feel of it !

garychew1984 said on Nov. 01 '12


charcoal said on Nov. 01 '12

Great style!

palattecorner said on Nov. 01 '12


watermarker said on Nov. 02 '12

Wow! Thanks alot people! I am thinking about altering it. 1. Isn't the compass too much and draggin concentration away from the center? 2. Isn't the space for the ferryman too small/ background too small? 3. Shouldn't I beter use a more modern/classic font to have a contrast to the mark? :D

nydesign said on Nov. 05 '12

that is quite a nice mark and interesting. I personally think you should leave the mark alone but maybe work on the type.

logtek said on Nov. 05 '12


tass said on Nov. 06 '12

I like a lot the style of this, congrats!

zAnta said on Nov. 07 '12

Very nice and very unique.

watermarker said on Nov. 07 '12

Oh! I hate to get WIPs into gallery! :D Thanks for all comments and floats guys!

Sean Heisler said on Nov. 07 '12

Very cool, love the style and the illustration.

watermarker said on Nov. 08 '12

Thank you Sean! Unfortunately the customer won't take it as it is.
He sees danger in connection to nazi stuff because of the runes-like typo and nordic theme. It probably will be some simplier version. :/

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