Neuerlehrer, 2nd Concept

by HayesImage • Uploaded: Oct. 31 '12
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Description: For Neuerlehrer (New Tutor) an education provider. This concept deals with the idea of well-balanced study. The mortarboard of course doubling as a see-saw.

As seen on: 1st Concept

Status: Work in progress

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: SchoolStudyEducationBalanceMortar

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Hayes Image said on Nov. 01 '12

Thanks for the floats peeps. Is the concept showing through clearly?

type and signs said on Nov. 01 '12

wisdom ... a great (new) teacher ... great iconographic look of the owl ... love it !!

Hayes Image said on Nov. 01 '12

^ Do see the owl as a student or teacher in this context?

chanpion said on Nov. 01 '12

Mate, nice version. I actually see both teacher and student. The owl of course being the mentor but I see the mortarboard as like a graduation hat. And your custom type matches perfectly with the mark.

ColinTierney said on Nov. 01 '12

i was going to comment on this earlier...but i didn't. anyway, i love this. it looks like you rounded out some of those sharp edges on the owl/mortar/beam (which i was going to suggest) to relate to the type a bit more (which i love).

Hayes Image said on Nov. 01 '12

Thanks guys!!

@Norm - I'm glad it translates that way, as I wanted a 'younger' owl. The monocle, beard/moustache devices whilst apt, are little bit overdone. On the flip side, I didn't want go full baby owl chick either, it would come accross a little sugary/kitsche.

@Colin - Yep, the ends of the mortar beam were a bit severe...so I read your mind ;) It was indeed done to link up with the type more & it also mimics the tips above the eyes.

Dan. said on Nov. 04 '12

Nice. It immediately reminded me of the trip advisor logo - http://tinyurl.com/clb6kw7 - but I think your logo is different enough! Good stuff.

Hayes Image said on Nov. 04 '12

Thanks for the reference!!! There are some similarities at a quick glance. But agreed there's enough slight differences & one big one being a body :)

itsgareth said on Nov. 04 '12

Clever solution, Josh. What's the general vibe they are after?

itsgareth said on Nov. 04 '12

Also, I see it as if the owl is guiding or joining the student on a learning journey since he is perched on the students mortar board.

Hayes Image said on Nov. 04 '12

Thanks Gareth!!!

1st comment - General vibe requested was light-hearted/friendly/playful, they wanted a logo the could double as a character/mascot to be used as a guide through the software, remember the paperclip helper from Microsoft Word? Similar/same premise.

2nd comment - I like that take :) I think the represented 'age' of the owl is important as it is something that can grow up along side the student.

Dan. said on Nov. 05 '12

Yeah Josh, I agree, there are plenty of differences. I love the concept. Very impressive!

Hayes Image said on Nov. 06 '12

Thanks Dan :)

pausedsn said on Mar. 03 '13

Smart and well defined logo.

Hayes Image said on Mar. 03 '13

Thanks Jovan!!! I've been meaning to upload some more photo's to the variations :)

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