by dado • Uploaded: Oct. 04 '07
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Description: logo for my own portfolio online. the concept is visual communication.
critiques are welcome! :D

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Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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OcularInk said on Oct. 04 '07

Woah, I didn't even notice the speech bubble at first. I like this. I'm not too fond of the missing 'i' though. I think this is a trend that will emerge soon (I'm already seeing it more and more), and I feel you might regret that decision later. You know what I mean?

kult house said on Oct. 04 '07

I don't *mind* the combined m & i, but I really don't see the point.

firebrand said on Oct. 04 '07

I really enjoy your style, da... sorry, damian. I don't have a problem with the i. There is a slightly dodgy curve, bottom left of the speech bubble.

rambal said on Oct. 04 '07

very nice amrk..
Intelectual bind with mild and very decent.

I like it.

Thomas said on Oct. 05 '07

Very nice too! But you know what? This is not my favourite one ;-)

dado said on Oct. 05 '07

@kevin: i know that you mean my friend, but i will, not have to regret my decision because i like it. :P
@kult house: there's not any point, im just trying to give it personality. but thanks any way! :)
@Ryan: thanks a lot, i enjoy yours works too. and thanks for the suggestion! :D
@rambal: thanks alot! :D
@Thomas: lo siento querido amigo si defraudé tu opinion, es que me sedujo mucho este diseño, pero gracias por la sugerencia tipográfica!
I really appreciate yours opinions, thanks folks!

dado said on Oct. 05 '07

@Roy: thanks a lot, i enjoy yours works too. and thanks for the suggestion! :D


OcularInk said on Oct. 05 '07

Very true. It's all subjective anyways. :-) Keep up the great work!!

HH Web said on Oct. 05 '07

Nice! The d looks gorgeous, the text below is a little hard to read though. But just a little!!

fast4ward said on Oct. 08 '07

great d ! good idea...

dado said on Oct. 08 '07

thanks guys!

chazthetic said on Oct. 08 '07

I love it. I also like the color choice as well.

The bottom of the curve of the text bubble is a liiiiiiitle off in my eyes.

croops said on Oct. 31 '07

This would be an excellent logo for a copywriter, author etc.

Nice one!

idil said on Feb. 07 '08

wicked, I really like how you combined the m and i. definitely a favourite. :)

dado said on Feb. 13 '08

Heyy, thanks for the comments!

gstaltig said on Feb. 13 '08

*like it.*
And I agree to the mi-thing already mentioned

firebrand said on Feb. 13 '08

Come on Damian, you still haven't fixed that lower curve ;^)

dado said on Feb. 15 '08

@gstaltig: thanks!
@roy: im going to fix it my friend :)!

XLCowBoy said on Jun. 25 '08


Why fix it?

Add a nose, and you have a smart face/head, the direction of the "pointer" of the speech bubble effectively acts as a negative neck line, and the white area as a shirt collar.

You would then have a smartly-dressed, male silhouette.

daleharris said on Jun. 26 '08

love the d speechbubble combination. not a fan of the overly kerned 'daman' though. if you name is meant to be read then i would make it readable. ;)

mr2creative said on Jun. 26 '08

Good one. Hits you as soon as you see it.

Respiro said on Jun. 26 '08

Dado, the idea of the speech bubble in the "d" is good but I would try different representations of it. I'm not sure that, as it is now, the speech bubble has the most proper architecture.

jjjost said on Jul. 29 '08

Love the simplicity! Really like it

RBN said on Sep. 02 '08

Hermano mio, nunca está de más reconocer el buen trabajo que ha venido desarrollando.

Así como todo lo que he visto de usted, este logo es una muestra mas de su majestuoso manejo y concepto de diseño. Y claro que tiene que serlo, es lo que lo representa. Go Ahead!!

jessicacrawford said on Sep. 19 '08

While the design feels edgy and cool, the combined "m" and "i" bother me. I agree with kult house - I don't really see the point. It only takes away from the design, not adds. Other then that, I really like overall design.

LogoDesignWorks said on Oct. 02 '08

Nice work. How do I contact you? Your profile does not have a contact point. May be you can buzz me on Skype (spellbrand)?

rabbit_hoang said on Oct. 05 '08

I like the inside part of d. Really great.

tkhoury said on Oct. 24 '08


andreiu said on Jun. 27 '09

love the font

hanaghansarah said on Feb. 25 '15

very French, I love it

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