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by bigoodis • Uploaded: Aug. 31 '12
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Description: Book lovers logo. Heart, B letter and books here.
Details: http://cl.ly/J9RE
Two colors: http://dribbble.com/shots/708933-Book-lovers-mark

Status: Just for fun

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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ladygrey said on Aug. 31 '12

Wow! How I miss this?!
Wonderful, Vanya!

Mikeymike said on Aug. 31 '12

nicely done, Ivan.

chanpion said on Aug. 31 '12

You got books, love, heart, B and L all happening in this simple mark! What more can I say!

samdemastrie said on Aug. 31 '12

If you're actively seeking critiques, the one thing I'd say is that I'm not crazy about the relationship between mark and type. I'd move the mark up and to the right a bit. Brilliant work though.

bigoodis said on Sep. 01 '12

Thanks for comments!

Artgeko said on Sep. 02 '12

An interesting concept!

bigoodis said on Sep. 03 '12


pjmaster said on Sep. 04 '12

Awesome design bro.

bigoodis said on Sep. 05 '12

Thanks man! :)

karnister said on Sep. 07 '12


Vergad said on Sep. 07 '12

Simply brilliant! That mark is just perfect. Well done!

bigoodis said on Sep. 10 '12

Thank you guys! :)

Husac said on Sep. 12 '12

simple and clever! well done!

bigoodis said on Sep. 28 '12

Thank you guys.

wizemark said on Sep. 29 '12

yea, this is really nice, Ivan.

garychew1984 said on Sep. 29 '12

im your logo lover!!!

durand said on Sep. 29 '12

Where is the L and B? Is the heart a B?

logomotive said on Sep. 29 '12

^ Yes The 2 Books make a B and the Heart conveys Lovers.

bigoodis said on Sep. 29 '12

Thanks for comments guys! Mike correctly interpreted this mark.

logoturn said on Sep. 29 '12


sbdesign said on Sep. 29 '12

Congrads, Vano!

tickey said on Sep. 30 '12


arcadio said on Sep. 30 '12

like the concept. simple and clever

Noetic Brands said on Sep. 30 '12

very nice!

ladygrey said on Sep. 30 '12

Pozdravlyayu s medalkoy)

bigoodis said on Sep. 30 '12

Thanks for all comments people! Much appreciate it :)

Muamer said on Oct. 01 '12

Congrats, Ivan. Well done!

hanuman shakti said on Oct. 04 '12

same like Sam, move the mark up and move right a bit....that would be great....but overall is GREAT!

bigoodis said on Oct. 04 '12


jueves said on Oct. 08 '12


Poke said on Nov. 16 '12

Nice one !!

Sean Heisler said on Dec. 04 '12

Saw this for the first time the other day, it's a classic!

markstuckert said on Dec. 04 '12

So good. And the type pairing is perfect.

IgorBrisker said on Jan. 17 '13

It's very simple, smart and cool. Respect for the idea and realization!

bigoodis said on Jan. 28 '13

Thanks for comments guys.
@IgorBrisker: Nice personal mark%u2026 :D

JohnDervishi said on Mar. 14 '13


raja said on Mar. 14 '13

Somethings just work beautifully, and this logo is one of them.

kokolynee said on Sep. 02 '14

Really like this. If you made it into a bumper sticker on zazzle, I'd buy it!

agnese said on Mar. 21 '15

Very clever!

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