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Description: Logo proposal for start-up loose leaf tea company. The brand's values and messaging themes of freedom of choice & empowerment were heavily inspired by the U.S. civil rights movements of the '60s & '70s. Target audience: People who want to belong to a "tea scene" for like-minded individuals, but don't find themselves aligning with any of the current tea-drinking demographics, and are often dismayed by the negative stigmas surrounding tea. Tone: Should reflect the era, but avoid overly militaristic or psychedelic themes. Should portray boldness & strength, while still being fun, energetic, & youthful. Rationale: Inspired by an iconic hand gesture used to symbolize strength & solidarity throughout the civil rights era and beyond. Imagery of the fist clutching a tea infuser is bold, assertive, and inspires a call to action. Intentionally gritty and homemade, this concept reflects the grassroots nature of old protest signs and political literature which would have been screen printed and hand drawn in a basement field office. More info & images: http://bit.ly/dribbble-st01. Full case study: http://bit.ly/behance-st-case-study

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Status: Unused proposal

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Type and Signs said on Aug. 01 '12

man you are a miracle ... everything you touch becomes gold ... love all your work !!

atomicvibe said on Aug. 01 '12

Thanks, Bernd! I appreciate you taking a look :)

tabithakristen said on Aug. 01 '12

Wonderful proposal! The branding potential is huge. Great job.

Hayes Image said on Aug. 01 '12

This is absolutely epic Jon!!! The Saul Bass esque treatment is really appropriate here.

...Currently running through your Behance case study & trying to 'maintain'. ;)

lumavine said on Aug. 01 '12

Wow, really great!

atomicvibe said on Aug. 01 '12

Tabitha, Josh, Luma, I really appreciate the kind words, guys! Thank you so much for taking the time to check this mutha out.

Thanks for the Gallery spot, David et al.!

tausendsasser said on Aug. 02 '12

really great... masterpiece!!!

kaimere said on Aug. 02 '12

While a cool treatment and logo can see this coping a lot of adverse publicity ... and being part of a few blog posts if picked ...

itsgareth said on Aug. 02 '12

Great development work, but yeah, this solution will do more harm than good.

atomicvibe said on Aug. 02 '12

Hey, thanks for the comments guys.

FWIW, this direction was not picked (although it was a top contender), but Mike & Gareth, I appreciate the feedback, but could you explain what you mean?

itsgareth said on Aug. 02 '12

The style of the tea infuser and the way the hand is placed looks a little sexual

atomicvibe said on Aug. 02 '12

Wooooow. Yeah, didn't see that. And neither did several other designers with whom I shared all my initial sketches. Ugh. Just goes to show how easy it is for stuff like this to be overlooked.

Oh well, not a big deal, since it wasn't chosen, anyway. But... damn...

itsgareth said on Aug. 02 '12

Which one did they pick? It looks like you had a ton of great ideas in your sketches.

atomicvibe said on Aug. 02 '12

They went with 04. Need to make some minor minor client-requested tweaks to that one, but will post here on LP after it's done.

Mikeymike said on Aug. 02 '12

another nice conceptual direction, JON!

samdemastrie said on Aug. 02 '12

You're a champion of everything. Great work.

atomicvibe said on Aug. 02 '12

Mikey, Sam, cheers gents! Really stoked you guys are digging this.

nydesign said on Aug. 02 '12

Yeah this one would do great for linocut. Gotta update if you do get this linocut done. Would be pretty cool for a print job. I haven't done linocut in years.

garychew1984 said on Aug. 02 '12

really enjoy your masterpieces!! great work as usual!

Atomicvibe said on Aug. 03 '12

Thanks a lot, Gary! Glad you liked this one.

mrbayonet said on Aug. 03 '12

Tea drinkers unite!

Atomicvibe said on Aug. 03 '12

^EXACTLY! You got it!

zephyr said on Aug. 30 '12

Think this one was my fave, but 04 is spectacular too!

hanuman shakti said on Oct. 03 '12

I see the great grid system there.....love it pal :)

hoac said on Oct. 10 '12

i love your style and i understand the logo but yea........... looks a bit wrong to those who dont know what a tea infuser is or looks like. my immature mind made me chuckle a little but as mentioned i really love the style

atomicvibe said on Oct. 17 '12

Cheers Fred, Hanuman, and Horacio! I appreciate you taking a look.

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