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by VERG • Uploaded: Jul. 31 '12
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Description: Amber is an event and project management company covering all phases of event design through to implementation.

For mark rationale and presentation take a look at the behance project link below.

As seen on: BEHANCE

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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Type and Signs said on Aug. 01 '12

Looks so good Matt !

Type08 said on Aug. 01 '12

Sick presentation!

Mikeymike said on Aug. 01 '12

Damn, Matt. love it!
And totally agree with the boyz above...killer presentation @ behance!

vergad said on Aug. 02 '12

cheers champions... 100% stoked you like and thanks also logopond for the gallery inclusion.

nydesign said on Aug. 02 '12

I was hoping this got featured. The stage light ambience came out perfect

vergad said on Aug. 02 '12

thanks ny, really appreciate it!

chanpion said on Aug. 02 '12

And to think you couldn't possibly top BHB's logo...this is an exceptional interpretation Verg.

milou said on Aug. 03 '12

Great logo, great presentation.

vergad said on Aug. 06 '12

legends! thank you. Norman, which logo are you referring to?

chanpion said on Aug. 06 '12

Benchmark Houston Builders of course!

vergad said on Aug. 07 '12

dang! how could I oversee that?! cheers bud!

atomicvibe said on Aug. 07 '12

Another great faceted gradient exploration, Matt! I know you have a really diverse artistic style, but this is starting to become your signature aesthetic :D

One thing I TOTALLY missed when I looked at this before was the spotlight association. Man, how did I overlook that?! I mean, duh. Event planning, lighting, spotlights. Makes total sense. I was just reading into the convergence/intersection of clients/events and Amber's out-of-the-box thinking (as outlined in your Behance rationale) and the obvious A association.

Anyway, love the warm colors, and the specular highlights going on.

Rebecca1 said on Aug. 10 '12

beautyful work as always!

vergad said on Aug. 16 '12

Cheers Jon, I hear what you're saying. Ever since doing a couple of these I've had more quests for similar logos which I guess has forced this style to become familiar to me. I do love it though and it's probably not the last time I'll explore it. I'm glad you checked out the behance presentation and got the relevance - another thing I try to do with all my gradient overlay style marks, is give it some sort of relevant geometric meaning behind them. Thanks again for stopping by bro.

Thanks also rebecca

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