Northern Mail

by cream5 • Uploaded: Jul. 29 '12
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Description: This is for a parcel delivery company for North America. Client wants to replace their existing logo and wanted a more royal vintage logo. I dont think I have to explain but the N is incorporated into the logo in 2 different ways :)

Status: Work in progress

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: standardtypographyfontrich

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Type and Signs said on Jul. 30 '12

lovely work ... I like this style !!

nydesign said on Jul. 30 '12

thank you TAS! One of your pieces with the cork screw was the inspiration for this one.!

- Yoon - said on Jul. 30 '12


ColinTierney said on Jul. 30 '12

really like the hatching here. adds depth.

nydesign said on Jul. 30 '12

thanks yoon, colin. Colin: yeah i love hatching, used to do a lot of pen/ink work before and i decided i'll do it ditial this time. :D

nydesign said on Jul. 30 '12

ditial = digital, is what i meant :D

olalb said on Jul. 30 '12

i want send it..

nitish.b said on Jul. 31 '12

very interesting...:)

Type and Signs said on Aug. 01 '12

that makes me really happy ... and you've even made %u200B%u200Bit into the Gallery ... congrats buddy !!

nydesign said on Aug. 02 '12

thanks TAS! oneof your pieces was the inspiration! :D

balic said on Aug. 09 '12

Beautiful work!
I love the hidden N and shading.

rbhogal said on Aug. 09 '12

Love the etching style.

nydesign said on Aug. 09 '12

thanks balic and rahul!

atomicvibe said on Aug. 09 '12

Meant to comment on this before; this logo is really dope, Abi. I really love the handmade, etched feel, and aesthetically, it really seems to align well with what the client was looking for. The N is very logically executed, which IMO is essential for these types of clever, hidden-image logos.

Very well done!

nydesign said on Aug. 09 '12

thanks a lot Jon, that means something if you think it is pretty good :D your ctritiques are pretty well thought out and helps a bunch. btw i read "dope" and for a second i thought you mean the logo was crap until i read the rest ofthe sentence and i was at peace lol :D

atomicvibe said on Aug. 09 '12

Ahhh, right. I need to watch my use of slang sometimes, especially when I'm not sure if the person I'm speaking to is from the United States. I just naturally assumed you were, because I read the "ny" in your username as "New York."

nydesign said on Aug. 09 '12

Oh i understand the phrase you mentioned. it's just that I took it out of context for a second when I just read " dope". And yeah I'm in NY, albany precisely. :D

occipital said on Aug. 10 '12

this is great, love the style

valbo said on Aug. 11 '12


nydesign said on Aug. 12 '12

thank you occipital and valbo

Dan. said on Jan. 17 '13

Great style!

cnasshan said on Jan. 17 '13

This is wonderful. I love the feel of it.

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