The Frisky Goat Final V.

by Chanpion • Uploaded: Jul. 23 '12
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Description: Approved version. At last! Now onto merchandise.

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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szende said on Jul. 24 '12

Yes, yes, this sure is one of my favorite, Norman!

Type and Signs said on Jul. 24 '12

agree !

D4design said on Jul. 24 '12

very very!

sdijock said on Jul. 24 '12

This is phenomenal work! Fav'd/floated.

ColinTierney said on Jul. 24 '12

the hooves as coffee beans is genius. the type is simply gorgeous. the natural containment shape is beautifully balanced. all in all this is an alright logo.

logomotive said on Jul. 24 '12

Fantastic Chanp.

itsgareth said on Jul. 24 '12


elpuser said on Jul. 24 '12

Absolutely love this word mark

firebrand said on Jul. 24 '12

The hooves! Top notch mate.

whoswho said on Jul. 24 '12


durand said on Jul. 24 '12

Nice flow! I wish the hoof / coffee bean was bigger since it's such a good idea... Like as the "o" or something.

chanpion said on Jul. 24 '12

Thank you all for the pos feedbacks and the G spot! The client is gonna luv it! This was quite a trek to get to where it is now but the client and I are very 'satisfied' with the outcome.

Really glad that people are noticing the hooves/beans/sexual connotation part of the logo.

@durand: Due to its 'explicit nature' the hooves were made more subtle so it doesn't offend the more conservative clientele. However it would be played upon in the collateral.

elpuser said on Jul. 24 '12

wow didn't notice the bean placement, sneaky sneaky

durand said on Jul. 24 '12

Very true nice work!

designerdan said on Jul. 24 '12

Great logo.

antoonj said on Jul. 25 '12


occipital said on Jul. 25 '12


GreenInkStudio said on Jul. 25 '12

Clever. The hooves-coffee beans thing. Very nice work!

tabithakristen said on Jul. 25 '12

I hope they'll be selling shirts because I already want one. I love this.

tausendsasser said on Jul. 25 '12

nice mark!

chanpion said on Jul. 26 '12

Thanks guys! Much appreciated. @Tab: Polos with the hoofs on the back and logo on the front are in the making for the staff uniforms. Maybe I can convince them doing Tees for sale! Not a bad idea actually. Cheers!

baspixels said on Jul. 26 '12

I love this ., Really awesome type, lovely lovely lovely :)

designabot said on Jul. 27 '12

Immense work all round. An all time classic...

Betty Design said on Jul. 27 '12


rudy hurtado said on Jul. 27 '12

This is GOOOOD! I feel Frisky for coffee now :)

sukiyuki said on Jul. 29 '12

what typeface is this? or did you create it yourself? it looks great!!

chanpion said on Jul. 31 '12

Thanks again guys! The client is looking forward to the new branding of his business.

@Roban: Thanks! It's custom type.

balic said on Aug. 06 '12

Amazing type!

atomicvibe said on Aug. 07 '12

Wow Norm, this has been quite the evolution. I really love how far you've taken this one. That type is superb. It's fun and full of movement, and as Colin pointed out wayyyyy up there ^ the natural containment shape really adds a sense of completeness. Love what you've done with the beans/hoofs. I remember that on previous versions, but it's wayyyyyy more subtle/subliminal now. Really great mark, man. You should be super proud of this one.

pjmaster said on Aug. 10 '12

Beautiful design.

ClimaxDesigns said on Aug. 28 '12

Chan do you mind making the background black on this one, its in the logomilk gallery and its brown

chanpion said on Aug. 28 '12

@Luka, Jon and Jovan: Thanks fellas for the kind words. Much appreciated on the pos feedbacks. Really stoked you like the hoofs and what it um...stands for Jon! It was quite amusing to see the reactions on the staff's faces when they finally realised it was more than just coffee beans they were looking at. They also have fun pointing it out to the 'less conservative' customers as well! Wink wink! Still getting all the collateral approved. I had a ball working on this project!

@David: Done as requested! Cheers mate.

nido said on Oct. 15 '12

excellent work on the type mate... you need to teach me how you do this bud..

Hows the family?

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