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Description: Logo for a lingerie company.

Status: Nothing set

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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CynicalKiddo said on Sep. 26 '07


ara_p said on Sep. 26 '07

Looks a lot like the Lavalife logo to me: http://rurl.org/9nn

firebrand said on Sep. 26 '07

^ Nonsense. It's not a heart for starters.

agencianove said on Sep. 26 '07

First you say:
firebrand said:
Great mark but it would be stronger on a plain background.

firebrand said:
Shhh. I want to do an ambigram for my daughter, ella.

And now:
firebrand said:
^ Nonsense. It's not a heart for starters.

Are you O.K.???

admarcbart said on Sep. 26 '07


He was referring to the comment above his where Ara_p was making a comparison. Not to you.

Jeff Fisher LogoMotives said on Sep. 26 '07

Really a great type treatment!

nido said on Sep. 26 '07

but it is true... he ain all O.K... good point

robertscully said on Sep. 26 '07

Great logo, Love what you did with the LL's to make a heart. Way better then what I did to make a heart :)



dache said on Sep. 26 '07

Its a rather bad quality of JPEG to have on the front page..

firebrand said on Sep. 26 '07

@nido: Yes it would appear that I have well and truly lost the plot.

agencianove said on Sep. 26 '07

sorry firebrand...(missunderstanding). Thanks to you all.

firebrand said on Sep. 26 '07

Too late, I don't like your logo anymore.

Only kidding :-P

Šhošhon said on Sep. 27 '07


kult house said on Sep. 27 '07

I think the stroke is a little too fat and childlike for lingerie. I think a thinner, more ribbon-like stroke effect on the name would be much more elegant.

logomotive said on Sep. 27 '07

I agree with Kult house, great concept and could be an ambigram also, but lingerie is "less" and dainty so the stroke does seem a little bold.

ryantoyota said on Sep. 27 '07

I agree with the above two posts. I do like the concept though, and the option for the logo to be strung together to create an edging pattern.

roogers said on Oct. 26 '07

nice, need to be more 'sexy', less 'cute i think! liking it alot though!

mei said on Jan. 31 '08

Hi, really like your logo and the lively look of your logos. Scheduled a post on my blog cluelessclay.com on 6 Feb to showcase this logo, meanwhile can't find your personal website. Do give me the url if you like it to be included in the post.

smashingbug said on Mar. 17 '11

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