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Description: proposal for website security company.

Status: Work in progress

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: simpleguardprotectcleversecurity

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kastelov said on Jun. 20 '12

Nice work, Deividas!

contrast8 said on Jun. 20 '12

Thank you Kastelov:)

ColinTierney said on Jun. 20 '12

simple and smart. another winner.

contrast8 said on Jun. 21 '12

thank you Colin!

Type and Signs said on Jun. 21 '12

goood !!

contrast8 said on Jun. 21 '12

Bernd, thank you:)

ladygrey said on Jun. 21 '12

Great mark, Deividas!

javaap said on Jun. 21 '12

This is great man!! kudos!!

Siah-Design said on Jun. 22 '12

Very nice and simple. Great job!

florisvoorveld said on Jun. 23 '12

There should be way more logos like this featured imho. Strong and clever corporate logos. I mean, I like illustrated & quirky logos as well but I feel like logos like the one Deividas made here are underrated.

In other words: This logo rocks Deividas!

logomotive said on Jun. 23 '12

^ I concur!

contrast8 said on Jun. 23 '12

thanks for support guys! I agree with Floris:)

logomotive said on Jun. 23 '12

I think Floris, just appreciates the minimal approach and thinking in designs like this. Just not enough designers doing it. It's not easy to do :)

contrast8 said on Jun. 24 '12

David, designers have different styles, as clients do. Other like illustrative logos, for others logo should be simple.

itsgareth said on Jun. 24 '12

I actually think think it's the opposite. Whenever I see all these super illustrated based or cursive hand drawn logotypes I always wonder how the designer got the client to approve them or if there was even a client at all. Can we move this convo to the forum?

P.S great logo Contrast!

Hayes Image said on Jun. 24 '12

Great work Deividas!!! I could stare at this all day :)

!mude said on Jun. 25 '12

Very nice. I hope your client is clever too - solid work.

danielp said on Sep. 19 '12

Love the concept! It's one of those, 'I wish I thought of that' logos. Congratulations Deivadas, so simple and great.

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