Appex 2nd proposal

by ALL4LEO • Uploaded: May. 15 '12
Gallerized May. '12 e9c24678d62d9da5ecfb1f9614cbd01d.png

Description: Icon for upcoming logo for developers company. Idea is A letter, arrow to top and pyramid.

You can contact me: all4leo@all4leo.lt
You can find me on: www.all4leo.lt

Status: Work in progress

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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ALL4LEO said on May. 16 '12

Guys, need your clever tips how to improve this one ;) Thanks, Deiv, for font advice ;)

milou said on May. 16 '12

What would you like to improve? It looks solid to me, Leo. One thing I would change is the last color variation at bottom, you have all blue shadings for the rest, except one purple shade. Maybe you could go for darker blue there.

Communication Agency said on May. 16 '12

What about that great Ball logo like diamonds? THAT was outstanding!

ALL4LEO said on May. 16 '12

Hi, Milou!

Thanks, just wanted to know is everything good with this version,
and if you say what everything is ok, i don't have no worries now ;)
And yes! Thanks for tip about purple corners, will make some changes in that way ;)

This is one of proposals, and I am waiting for feedback, but yes, I love spheric logo too,
thanks for support, "CA"!! ;)

brandingbros said on Jun. 05 '12

nice mark, floated. :) The color of the mark is a little dark on the sides on this background. But this way the inner part of the "A" looks like a cool rocket flying up. :)

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