by 1ta • Uploaded: May. 09 '12
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Description: WIP

Status: Work in progress

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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Type and Signs said on May. 09 '12

great ... but ... would like to see a much more simple version ....

palattecorner said on May. 09 '12


1ta said on May. 10 '12

Thanks TaS And palattecorner

gopsokla said on May. 10 '12

This is nice. I saw your sketch and was waiting to see :)

gopsokla said on May. 10 '12

One thing. The letter O is little bit off or what? Or its just me who saw this :)

ColinTierney said on May. 10 '12

^ agree, the kerning is a little off. tighten up that 'o' a bit. turned out nice hossein.

firebrand said on May. 10 '12

Great overall shape but I agree it could be simplified.

1ta said on May. 10 '12

Thanks Guys For Comment
Update :)

gunterschobel said on May. 10 '12

Hahah, So here it is... Nice reults!

sabb said on May. 11 '12


1ta said on May. 11 '12

Thanks Guys

jrusso said on May. 11 '12

Nice work! Would also like to see a lil more simplified look, perhaps not quite a heavy on some of the strokes on the neck

1ta said on May. 12 '12

Thanks :o)

Logoswish said on May. 14 '12

Wow. Great Rhino.

1ta said on May. 14 '12

Thanks Logoswish

ALL4LEO said on May. 14 '12

Great logo!

1ta said on May. 14 '12

Thanks ALL4LEO

beczukdavid said on May. 14 '12

Great Job, I like it :)

1ta said on May. 14 '12

Thanks beczukdavid :)

LadyGrey said on May. 26 '12

cute face

1ta said on May. 26 '12

Thanks LadyGrey

ClimaxDesigns said on Dec. 28 '12

^^ thats a shame its clear he didn't swipe it that had to be his starting point, I would not scrap it, but simply move it graphically further away from the original, its a rhino, only so many ways to portray something specific like this but you have the talent to make this work without confusion.

milou said on Dec. 30 '12

Now, this is confusing.

Pierro said on Mar. 17 '13

wonderful stuff Hussein.

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