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by designabot • Uploaded: Apr. 17 '12
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Description: I have been working on a personal project and recently registered the domain name logomilk.com. The idea would be to eventually create 'yet another' logo gallery site. The usp with Logo Milk is that all logos submitted would be in black and white... in-fact the whole site would be monochromatic making it very distinct. I was just playing with the idea of showcasing logos in their purist form before web 2.0 or other effects entered the fray.

I was also thinking about the 'K' being used as the avatar for Logo Milk. The letter K is known as 'black' in CMYK... and after all the site would be featuring monochromatic logos in their purist form.

As seen on: www.logomilk.com

Status: Client work

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: aestheticmarkdesignwhite

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dotflo said on Apr. 18 '12

very good!

watermarker said on Apr. 19 '12

Cool! Keep us updated about that project! :)

t-sovo said on Apr. 19 '12

very nice and sound idea. and i totally dig this logo :D

Type and Signs said on Apr. 19 '12

really amazing work ... like !

designabot said on Apr. 19 '12

That's great fellows, cheers!

occipital said on Apr. 20 '12

really cool

samdemastrie said on Apr. 20 '12

That's a great idea for a site.

epsilon said on Apr. 20 '12

Yeah, great idea with the site. I really hope you see it through.

Mikeymike said on Apr. 20 '12

look forward to it, Rich.

square69 said on Apr. 20 '12

Nice idea Rich, best of luck getting it going.

ameensaqqaf said on Apr. 20 '12

Brilliant work.

designabot said on Apr. 20 '12

Thanks for the support everyone. Will keep you posted!

Hayes Image said on Apr. 20 '12

Love the concept. Looking forward to seeing it, I always enjoy seeing logos broken down to their fundamental element. Great learning curve for those who don't sketch or build vectors in mono too. Keep us updated!!

logomotive said on Apr. 20 '12

Ha Logomilk, good for the bones. ^ what they said.

javaap said on Apr. 20 '12

Love the concept Rich! bot of the logo and the site!

ColinTierney said on Apr. 20 '12

i'm super stoked about this idea rich. i really hope you follow through with it.

julius seniunas said on Apr. 20 '12

! coool

trapecistadesign said on Apr. 21 '12

Great idea, I like the simplicity of it.

nickhood said on Apr. 21 '12

What a great idea, Rich. The logo looks very nice. I'm looking forward to this site.

chrisworks said on Apr. 21 '12

Great idea, keep us updated

Pierro said on Apr. 21 '12

Cool idea.

Mikeymike said on Apr. 21 '12

great idea, Rich. pure design at it strongest that's what the site will represent. keep it going.

Shtef Sokolovich said on Apr. 21 '12

I think it will be great site

orca design said on Apr. 22 '12

Nice idea

BeautifulVoid said on Apr. 22 '12

Great wordmark and great idea with the site :). Good luck!

BigAl67 said on Apr. 22 '12

Lovin' this... saw it over on Dribbble. Looked great there... looks terrific on the Pond. Love the idea of the black and white only nature of the logos too. Stripped of all effects and colours will truly show how effective a logo design is.

designabot said on Apr. 22 '12

The support for this venture has been overwhelming! David has contacted me and we will be partnering up to drive this forward. With his expertise and a huge audience already in place it was the logical step for logomilk to take. Best wishes everyone and stay tuned...

chanpion said on Apr. 22 '12

Way to go! Love a good concept coming together! And with the Pond's father on board, its gonna be gold!

sverdlychenko said on Apr. 23 '12

So milky ) Love it !

logomotive said on Apr. 23 '12

I love the fact that your doing this. It really comes back to the raw essence of logo design, pure and simple.

ahab said on Apr. 23 '12

bad ass.

garychew1984 said on Apr. 23 '12

nice logo! can't wait to see the new site!

zapunk said on Apr. 24 '12

nice one Rich!

oliverakos said on Apr. 24 '12

nice idea!!!!float...

killanov said on May. 02 '12

very cool!

Muamer said on May. 03 '12

Yeah, B&W only!

pjmaster said on May. 15 '12

Two things that I like - logos and milk. You have my support Rich!

logoboom said on Aug. 13 '12

Hmmm...spurting white liquid....in the right shape and direction...I dunno 'bout that. It'll certainly make it on the phallic sites.

atomicvibe said on Aug. 13 '12

^That's a bit of a stretch, Glen. A K is the furthest thing from being phallic.

fuentoovehuna said on Mar. 02 '13

I think the idea of the site a witty and interesting.

JohnDervishi said on Apr. 30 '13

This is awesome and very interesting, love the CMYK idea.

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